Zachary Quinto Joins American Horror Story As A Homo Homeowner

Zachary Quinto‘s about to go gay again… professionally. He did it earlier in his career on So noTORIous, took a detour as Sylar on Heroes and that Zoe Saldana-pulling hetero make-out machine Spock in Star Trek, but then went queer again in the recent off-Broadway run of Angels in America. Now he’s joining the cast of Ryan Murphy‘s new FX series American Horror Story—as a gay. Got it? Good.

The series, one of the fall’s most hotly anticipated, centers on a couple (Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott) who move their family into a possibly haunted house. Quinto—who plays Chad, the gay former owner of the house—is slated to appear in at least four episodes, beginning with the Halloween episode on October 26.

Quinto’s orientation is a subject of public speculation—and something he won’t discuss—so is he having it both ways by (possibly) being closeted while still taking on so many gay roles?  Is it hypocritical to make an It Gets Better video and appear at gay-rights galas but remain silent about your sexuality?

No celebrity has to be a poster child for LGBT causes, but if you’re going to make yourself one, should you have to come out? Does Zachary Quinto’s decision not to go public as gay, bi, straight or none of the above matter?

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