Zachary Quinto’s Bedroom Scene Isn’t Sexy, But It Is Emotionally Scarring!

Still on the fence about whether to embark on the lengthy investment it takes to make it through Angels In America for the privilege of ending up in the fetal position in the aisle while you bawl like a baby? Then let the Signature Theatre Company attempt to convince you with this trailer! On the one hand, Zachary Quinto gets shirtless. On the other hand, it’s while he’s emotionally distraught, and arousal is probably the last emotion you’ll feel.

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  • Lefty

    I would love to see this with Zachary Quinto.
    Anyone who’s close enough to go and who gets a ticket is very lucky.
    We just get crappy jukebox musicals in London.

  • VitaminKorg

    Yes, because if you’re not sexually aroused by skin being shown on stage, it’s certainly not a play worth seeing.

  • pete

    I have lived in New York since 1979, and was there for the whole AIDS epidemic (which sadly is not over). I lost many dear friends and went to see this play when it opened on Broadway. It is essential viewing for everybody, in my opinion. I have to say, just viewing this trailer made me tear up.

  • demonyc

    it’s perhaps the most important american play of the last 20 years. nevermind that, it’s very articulate and thoughtful. it’s realistic and surreal. it’s historic, contemporary, but unfortunately the black nurse character speaks in ancient camp dialect i felt embarrassed for him to say. i hope the front curtain works properly for you, of all the complex tech effects, the manual drawing of a physical curtian was a problem in my preview night. the actors are very good.

  • Reg

    Let’s see how many posts it takes for a snarky ‘come-out’ demand of Mr. Quinto from some tired crusading troll.

  • Geoff

    Queerty ad revenues must have dipped. Memo to staff – speed to press posts on Quinto, Cooper. No doubt Latifa, Foster, and the beautful Bomer posts coming soon.

  • TheInsider

    This looks awful

  • CooperComeOutNow!

    @Reg: Yeah, when is this Quinto Queen gonna come out huh?

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