10 Items You’ll Immediately Regret Buying From H&M’s New Online Shop


It’s true fellow fashionistos and fast-fashion gays, H&M has opened up their first online store stateside. H&M started selling cheap-chic clothes online in its native Sweden 15 years ago, but in America we’ve had to endure the piles of clothes, none of which have the one thing we came in there for; the incredibly long lines for the register and the fitting room; and the occasional side-eyes from people as you raid the women’s section. Hey, it’s all unisexy in the end.

Well, rejoice! because from now on you can shop to your heart’s content right from the comfort of your own bed — also known as a recipe for disaster. With clothes running cheaper than Thai food delivery and the advent of H&M’s new home line, sold exclusively through the website, you’ll be one shopping spree away from an episode of Hoarders.

Impulse, be damned! Here are 10 things you may covet today, but will regret tomorrow.

Purple Leopard Print Duvet Cover Set



In case your new bedroom design concept is a “place good taste goes to die.”

Floral Skull Shortie Robe


We didn’t know Ed Hardy was making kimonos now.

Jersey Biker Jacket


Perfect for that quarter-life crisis you’re apparently having.

Sequined Cushion Cover



Settle down for a quick disco nap and wake up looking like you just crawled out from an all-nighter at 54 with Liza and Halston.

Candle Holder


It’s all well and good until someone mistakes it for a bong.

Cat Ear Backpack



You haz catpack.

Decorative LOVE Letters



Where are the decorative SHADE letters?

Skull Tea Light Holder


Because nothing says “Welcome to my lovely home” like a flaming skull on the table.

Orange Wool Coat


Because every gay goes through a Prime of Miss Jean Brodie phase.

Zebra Print Ceramic Jar



You really can’t/shouldn’t use this to store anything but cocaine.



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