Still time

10 last-minute gifts that will arrive before Xmas and keep the yuletide gay

It’s that time of the year: You look at the calendar, do some simple subtraction from 24 and grumble: “Ugh I only have how long to shop for everyone?”

But there’s still time to avoid looking like a slacker if you play your cards right.

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We came up with a list of 10 holiday gift ideas that are, in our humble opinion, slam dunks. To sweeten the pot, each and every item is available with Amazon Prime shipping so you can be sure you won’t be that guy who prints out a picture of the gift you bought and sticks it in a festive envelope.

Scroll down for our holiday blowout…

1. Call Me By Your Name paperback

Sale price: $8.94

The well-deserved hype over the film version of Call Me By Your Name speaks to how truly seductive the original novel is. This is a perfect way to tell that friend or partner who reads a lot: “Hey, I see you.” It’s also the perfect subtle shade for that friend who hasn’t picked up a book since reading The Giver in 8th grade. Shop here.

2. Leather texting gloves

Sale price: $29.99

Warm fingers have been in fashion since the dawn of mankind. However, it’s annoying AF to have to peel off a glove in the dead of winter just so you can ‘load more guys’ or ‘swipe left.’ Sure, there are lots of texting gloves out there that address this modern dilemma, but none as handsome as these babies. Don’t sacrifice your look just for your phone. You can have it all. Shop here.

3. All natural face mask gift set

Sale price: $49.99


Sometimes the perfect gift is a simple luxury that your loved one may not ever purchase for him or herself. And sometimes you have a friend who drinks way too much during the holiday season and looks a little busted. Either way, this all-natural face mask gift set is a winner. Shop here.

4. Tom of Finland hardcover

List price: 69.99
Sale price: $55.02
You save: $14.97 (21%)

This handsome coffee table dream really puts the hard in hardcover. The elegant oversized volume shows the full range of Tom’s talent, from sensitive portraits to frank sexual pleasure, to tender expressions of love. This book was extremely expensive when it came out, but a new printing lets you own (or give) this gorgeous piece of gay history without breaking the bank. Shop here.

5. Tom of Finland lube

Sale price: $18.98

If you’d rather cut to the chase, this Tom of Finland lube is sure to be the toast of your White Elephant party. You guys, it’s leather scented. It’ll painlessly slide into any stocking with ease, too. Shop here.

6. Imperial Collection 9-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Cutlery Knife Set with Rotating Block Stand, Silver Signature

List price: $119.99
Sale price: $35.04
You save: $84.95 (74%)

This was one of our Black Friday picks, but the sale Amazon offers is so steep (though not quite at Black Friday level), it’s still a solid gift idea. Whether you’re making Coq au vin or a grilled cheese sandwich, the right cutlery makes all the difference. This set screams “You’re going to think I spent way more on you than I actually did.” Discover for yourself the kitchen accessory reviewers unanimously call “sharp.” Shop here.

7. Beach Rats DVD

List price: $17.99
Sale price: $15.49
You save: $2.50 (14%)

Give the gift of homoeroticism with Eliza Hittman’s acclaimed film Beach Rats. This also makes an excellent gift for homophobic family members. The real gift will be when they call you on the phone after they sit down to watch it, aghast. Shop here.

8. iPhone 8/8 plus and 7/7 plus three-lens set

Sale price: $99.99

Turn any iPhone (OK, except the brand-new iPhone X) into a nearly-professional camera rig with this 3-lens clip-on set. Between the fisheye, the super-wide and the macro lenses, this is guaranteed to up anyone’s Instagram game by a serious factor. This also makes a superb gift for a young person in your life who has a budding interest in photography. Shop here.

9. 4-pack of iPhone (iPad, iPod) charging cables in various lengths

Sale price: $14.88

If you aren’t into superfluous gift-giving, here’s something every Apple device user would love to receive. The 4-pack comes with sturdy, braided cables in various colors and lengths, including the “you-don’t-think-you-need-it-until-you-have-it-and-it-changes-your-life” 10-footer. This is the modern equivalent of giving someone socks, and we mean that in the highest regard. Shop here.

10. BigRabbit Men’s Gym Workout Shorts Bodybuilding Training Joggers

Sale price: $17.99

The right “just above the knee” cut? Check. Comfortable waistband? Check. Form-hugging backside that will have people on the ellipticals checking you out as your strut by? Check. Yep, these are the perfect workout shorts, and an excellent gift for the gym bunny in your life. Shop here.

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