Former Real World housemate Dustin Zito may be trying to escape his gay porn past as Fratpad’s “Spencer” (NSFW!), but nobody ever said we’d stop talking about it!

Since appearing with his clingy girlfriend on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy, Dustin has renewed our appreciation for his semi-clothed form and all those erotic things he did with his “buddies” for some “quick cash.” Some of you have failed to recognize exactly how gorgeous Mr. Zito is, so we went ahead and found some proof that, without a doubt, Dustin Zito is one seriously sexy man.

Without further ado, we present the 13 moments when Dustin Zito was the most gorgeous man alive.

That time he took a totally platonic bath with a friend:


That time he read selections from Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace to his roommates. Smart cookie!


That time he hired a professional photographer to take pictures of his brand new puppy. My, what a lap to sit on!


That time he heard Miley Cyrus‘ new song and couldn’t help but twerk:


That time he helped a friend determine the thread count in his brand new underwear. (Sometimes the package lies):


That time he proved he was the sexiest man alive even in a baseball cap and gym shorts:


That time he snuggled a teddy bear and was THE CUTEST THING EVER:


That time he danced like 2,462 people online were watching (but they weren’t, you guys):


That time he went sun tanning in his bedroom. Silly Dustin!


The time he ate an ice cream cone in the shower. Goof! We hope it didn’t get wet!


That time he twerked in bed:


That time he revealed his true identity:


That time he got a new haircut. Yes, Dustin, we like it:


That time he wore a Dorito hat:


And who could forget this time? Do not ever, ever forget this time:

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You’re welcome!

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