13 Moments When Dustin Zito Was The Most Gorgeous Man Alive

Former Real World housemate Dustin Zito may be trying to escape his gay porn past as Fratpad’s “Spencer” (NSFW!), but nobody ever said we’d stop talking about it!

Since appearing with his clingy girlfriend on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy, Dustin has renewed our appreciation for his semi-clothed form and all those erotic things he did with his “buddies” for some “quick cash.” Some of you have failed to recognize exactly how gorgeous Mr. Zito is, so we went ahead and found some proof that, without a doubt, Dustin Zito is one seriously sexy man.

Without further ado, we present the 13 moments when Dustin Zito was the most gorgeous man alive.

That time he took a totally platonic bath with a friend:


That time he read selections from Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace to his roommates. Smart cookie!


That time he hired a professional photographer to take pictures of his brand new puppy. My, what a lap to sit on!


That time he heard Miley Cyrus’ new song and couldn’t help but twerk:


That time he helped a friend determine the thread count in his brand new underwear. (Sometimes the package lies):


That time he proved he was the sexiest man alive even in a baseball cap and gym shorts:


That time he snuggled a teddy bear and was THE CUTEST THING EVER:


That time he danced like 2,462 people online were watching (but they weren’t, you guys):


That time he went sun tanning in his bedroom. Silly Dustin!


The time he ate an ice cream cone in the shower. Goof! We hope it didn’t get wet!


That time he twerked in bed:


That time he revealed his true identity:


That time he got a new haircut. Yes, Dustin, we like it:


That time he wore a Dorito hat:


And who could forget this time? Do not ever, ever forget this time:

ScreenHunter_188Jan261952 ScreenHunter_181Jan261950 ScreenHunter_166Jan261943 ScreenHunter_161Jan261942 ScreenHunter_187Jan261952

You’re welcome!

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  • Jimmy

    Very sexy guy.

  • miagoodguy

    This guy is just mediocre looking.

  • Jimmy

    What do you look like miagoodguy?

  • Katbox

    This guy was NEVER “the most gorgeous man alive.”
    He’s very mediocre.
    That country singing gay guy is far better.

  • litper

    yeah let’s talk about georgeous guys like Steve who are out and prout than this closeted homophobic jerk!

  • Jimmy

    What do you look like Kitty Litter?

  • miagoodguy

    Doesn’t matter what I look like because my world doesn’t revolve around the superficial.

  • Eiswirth

    To say he “was he most gorgeous man alive” is ridiculous. There are t least 50 guys on Fratmen who are better looking, and better cummers (blink and you’ll miss his). Completely unimpressed by him.

  • mydude

    $500 that Dustin goes back to Fratpad with 2 years.

  • Bear Aspirin

    Well hell…I thught this was going to be pics of SF Giants pitcher Barry Zito.

  • Captain proton

    and how much of “can’t escape his gay porn past” is because when you Google his name, Queerty is up there in the top 3 results?

  • lab

    @miagoodguy: your world does not revolve around the superficial…but you consider yourself the judge of the superficial??? I am the judge of assholes on queerty that call every guy in every photo spread mediocre and not up to their high standards.

  • dvsBTM

    This guy is just too cute!

  • Tackle

    I don’t understand the attacks on posters who call Dustin “mediocre”. That’s there opinion, which they have a right to. We’re not all gonna have the same taste & likes, and that’s ok. Why get offended because you find someone hot and others don’t?? Dustin dosen’t do it for me either. I don’t find him beautiful or ugly. But very average all around. And that’s just my opinion.

  • Mikey

    Everything about Dustin Zito is sad. He has some pretty severe mental/emotional problems. He’d be a lot happier if he would just come out as bisexual and accept himself for who he is.

  • balehead

    The ugly and jealous are back…lighten up already!!! And hit a gym….

  • the other Greg

    They can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true (as the insurance commercial says), so Dustin must be the most gorgeous man alive, and his boyfriend or girlfriend must be a French model.

    @Bear Aspirin: ha, thanks for mentioning Barry Zito, you beat me to it.

  • NateB79

    @balehead: One trick pony is back. Hit up some new material please.

  • NateB79

    @Tackle: It doesn’t make sense to me either. I guess some people aren’t happy with someone having different tastes and opinions than them. I think he’s cute but he’s obviously not the most gorgeous man alive.

  • Cam

    Wow, if he was trying to distance himself from his past he is going about it the wrong way!

  • Bob LaBlah

    This is going a bit off topic but since we are talking about “former” gay porn stars does anyone know what happened to former Falcon star Tristan Paris?

  • Fael

    Shrimp, tear the head off and eat the rest …

  • Tackle

    @NateB79: true, and that’s a unfortunate attitude for some to have. It’s very childish. @Bob Lablah: the former Tristan Paris lives in Toronto. But you would not recognized him because he is now a she. She is now a pre-op, making the full transition to who she really is. And more power to her.

  • Jackhoffsky

    My issue is this: two Zito posts in as many days for a guy who has no boundaries to his attention whoredom.

    Yes, he’s cute (especially older), great body, nice dick and bottoming skills… but there is literally nothing he won’t do for attention in front of the camera. So to dedicate two posts in a short amount of time seem more like an extension of a personal crush than anyway gay news ‘reporting’.

    JUST a personal observation.

  • Jackhoffsky

    “… than any gay news ‘reporting’.”
    (apologizes or the typo.)

  • StuC777

    Don’t think the Fratpad people are unaware of all this. They’ve recently posted a batch of “Best of Spencer” videos.

  • litper

    @Tackle, disgusting…

  • Niall

    Some of queerty’s articles lately….

    And no he has never the most gorgeous man alive. He’s hot though. Does anyone know if he actually had gay sex in any of his porn stints?

  • Winter79

    @Niall: the “ice cream” pic above is quite clearly actually of him giving another dude a BJ. So yes.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Tackle: Thanks for the info. The internet is flooded with pictures of “Stonie”, another bubble butt twink who is now a transsexual and goes by the name of Brittany Coxxx but I can’t find one of Tristan Paris. Any suggestions of where I can find a pic of him as to how he looks now?

  • alterego1980

    This reads eerily similar to a Buzz Feed article (and by ‘article’, I mean list, and by ‘list’ I mean an excuse to show off naked pics of a well built D-Lister).

  • Tackle

    @Bob Lablah: She keeps a lower profile than Brittany does. But she’s a regular fixture at pride events in Toronto. So maybe try Toronto pride, go back a few yrs. @litper: oh well…

  • Niall

    @Winter79: Sorry should have specified, I meant “anal” lol

  • litper

    @Tackle, what can I do, I like MEN

  • mz.sam

    Well at least Dustin had gusher-filled fun with his buddies at Fratpad and walked away with a jock-full of cash. Yawn!

  • SBolton

    @miagoodguy: VERY well said. Who cares about him???

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