Several men attacked this trans guy in front of his home for “acting gay”

Emmitt Davis, Colorado Springs, transgender, attack
Emmitt Davis (image via

Men in Colorado Springs, Colorado assaulted Emmit Davis, a transgender man, on the steps of his own home and in front of his partner this past weekend because Davis was “acting gay.”

According to, Davis and his partner of six months were merely sitting, smoking and talking on their front porch when three men jumped over their fence and said, “Look at those dykes!” Davis tried to calm the three men down, but they began beating him while shouting homophobic slurs. says there only two attackers.

The attackers left Davis with a broken nose, broken eye socket and a swollen black eye. Media reports haven’t said whether the attackers assaulted his partner too. Police are now seeking the assailants to possibly charge them with a hate crime.

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On a public Facebook post, Davis wrote:

For my community and anyone whose watching….. Our stance our fight has just begun. But I truly need y’all to remember, we are fighting so strongly to be seen as human please do NOT forget our oppressors are human too. Don’t forget that we cannot fill ourselves with the same hate guys, or nothing will change. We are and always will be a strong community that’s more united and more supportive than any community I have ever witnessed and it’s truly amazing so as a community let’s show that we don’t want to spread more hate.

There is nothing in this world that says because I’m trans or because you’re gay we aren’t human, so let’s remind people that humanity wasn’t meant to be perfect it was meant to be messy, we don’t have a cookie cutter to follow. All eyes are on us. Let’s give em hell!

Colorado Springs police say that they’ve investigated 35 confirmed hate crimes since 2016 including eight in 2017 and 12 in 2018. U.S. hate crimes have been on the rise since Trump’s election.

Emmitt Davis, Colorado Springs, transgender
Davis (at right) and his partner

Davis is the current titleholder of Mr. Trans Colorado Springs and performs under the name Axel G. Roze. A GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign has raised $1,215 of its $2,000 goal to help pay for Davis’ medical and ambulance costs.

Here is a KOAA news report of Davis’ attack: