For $500, Don Jr. will record a cellphone video of anything you want

This just in: Donald Trump Jr. has a new grift.

The ex-president’s homophobic son recently joined Cameo, the online service that allows people to commission video messages from celebrities. For $500, he’ll record whatever kind of video you want, whether it’s a birthday greeting, a pep talk, or a thank you message. You name it!

Because who doesn’t want a 15-second clip of Don Jr. looking glossy eyed and speaking incoherently from his messy kitchen?

In his Cameo profile, Jr. describes himself as a “Father, Patriot, Outdoorsman, Political Commentator and #1 NYT Bestselling author.” And in a brief introduction video, he says: “Guys, Donald Trump Jr. here. Really excited about being on Cameo. Look forward to communicating with you guys.”

Jr. charges $500 for a standard video or $800 for a 24-hour turn around. And for $20 he’ll send you a DM. His girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, is also on the platform, although she charges a much more reasonable $200 per video.

Other Trump surrogates on Cameo include Sean Spicer ($200 per video), George Papadopoulos ($100), Anthony Scaramucci ($55), and Omarosa ($20).

Jr. claims a portion of the proceeds he makes on the video platform will go to the Shadow Warriors Project, a non-profit that provides support to private military security contractors.

Here’s what folx on Twitter have to say about the whole thing…

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.