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90210‘s Gays Show True TV Diversity: Homo High Schoolers Have Ridiculous Drama Too

In the above report, CBN News — a network I’m pretty sure my cable operator either doesn’t carry, or buried next to MTV Filipino 7 — reports on GLAAD’s memo about gay characters being all over the television these days. Some schlub from the Media Research Center, the group dedicated to railing against diversity in comics, tell CBN via his mother’s basement’s webcam these representations are only going to grow. Scary! (Not growing: Representations of Christian characters, because that would be real diversity.) But I really didn’t know what this guy was talking about, until I saw the latest promo photos for Monday’s 90210.

Sure, we already used 90210 last week to showcase the rise of TELEVISION HOMOSEXUALS, but my god could they make this show gayer even when they’re dealing with straight characters?

There’s some sort of fireman strip tease? Is this what rich kids in Beverly Hills do to raise money for a new football field jumbotron instead of holding a bake sale?

And then Trevor Donovan’s Teddy and Kyle Riabko’s Ian — who had a drunken hook up in last week’s episode — are all smile-y at each other in one scene, and getting into a fight on the school’s roof, or something, in the next.

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  • alan brickman

    Hilarious! will watch for sure…sure some aren’t 17 playing 17 that’s kind of perverted…

  • alan brickman

    stop worrying about the ages and listen to the message…

  • Hilarious

    “(Not growing: Representations of Christian characters, because that would be real diversity.)”

    That’s not really true. Hellcats which also airs on CW has a Christian character who’s one of the main characters on the show.

    Teddy and the new guy are gonna be hot and that strip tease thing kinda made my jaw drop.

  • Velvet Patsy

    A show about priests molesting children would definitely sell commercial slots.

  • Can Take Eight

    Waaaa! Waaaa! Where are all the Christian heroes?
    (On re-runs of “Highway To Heaven” and all over Hallmark Channel, where they belong.)

    Meanwhile, here’s a clip of the Fireman strip!

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