Transgender Mayors

A Brief History of Stu Rasmussen


QUEERTY SELECTS — Becoming the country’s first openly transgender mayor, Stu Rasmussen is on his way to scoring his own reality show. But first, a history lesson: How did the newly minted mayor of Oregon’s Silverton get here? By spending $4k on breast implants, hiding his own bras from his girlfriend, slipping in to skin-tight mini-skirts, and bending gender norms along the way. [Details; Photo: Lisa Kereszi]

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  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    He still looks like a man..

    I’ve never ‘got’ this about transgenderness……surely the fact that women wear these high heels and short skirts ultra feminine is a social thing? Something created by society. Something we’ve observed change and ulter as life goes on..instigated and controlled by men..

    So why, if you feel you are genetically a woman, would you choose to dress like that? Surely it’s not about the outside…it’s the inside…the feeling like a ‘woman’?

    So confusing.

  • Aman

    Why are you using the incorrect pronoun? This is extremely disrespectful.

  • Andrew

    @Aman: This is because he identifies as a male who appears as a woman.

  • jeffrey

    For christ’s sake, if you want to be a woman that’s fine, but shouldn’t you at least have some feminine characteristics? Sorry, but he/she is one ugly tranny.

  • T

    i think this shit is awesome!! i would love to have a mayor that looks like stu!

  • Smokey Martini


    Ugh. He’s not dressing to BECOME a woman, since he doesn’t identify as one; he’s dressing LIKE a woman, since he’s a man who enjoys doing so. There’s a distinction to be made there.

  • flyerfier

    After reading the article I really felt good, it’s ending is akin to “To Wong Foo.”

    The fact that the townspeople rallied against the Phelps crusaders shows what people can grow to understand. They know Stu, so they feel he’s a unique asset to their community.

    I don’t think that people in my town could accept such a mayor at this moment. But I suppose if you put yourself out there and let people get to know you as a human, people open their hearts and minds.

  • Andrew Triska

    Oregon is so ahead of the curve. First Sam Adams (actually, sorry about that one) and now the lovely Sister Stu. Go transmayors! This says a lot for societal acceptance of transpeople.

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