A + F Model Claims Photog Made Him Strip, Pleasure Himself, To Appear “Relaxed”

Models get a bad rep for being dumb—we’ve met some who were quite smart. Benjamine Bowers doesn’t appear to be one of them:

The 6′ 1″ looker claims that last June ,while working at a Abercrombie + Fitch store, he was invited down to Jackson Mississippi for a photo shoot with photographer Brian Hilburn. The lensman apparently convinced Bowers that he needed to display a more relaxed look for his portfolio and encouraged him to get naked and masturbate in front of the camera so Hilburn could capture his blissful post-orgasmic expression.

“Blue steel” this is not.

Bowers complied and says Hilburn exposed himself afterward and commented on the relative size of their penises. He now says he thinks the dirty photo shoot was never intended to help his career—just to give Hilburn a rise.

You think?

Bowers is suing Hilburn and A+ F for $1 million. We’re not really sure what grounds he has to sue, though—he was over 18 when the photo shoot took place, there was seemingly no threats involved, and he waited a year to say anything. In our inexpert opinion, Bowers should just chalk the whole thing up to a life lesson. But we’re gonna need Hilburn to send us his footage to make a more professional judgment.

 Photos: A+ F, Vision Los Angeles