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A Lesbian Public School Teacher Told Her 1st Graders She Was Getting Married. Time to FREAK OUT


We all know that homosexual marriage advocates want to institute their radical agenda to brainwash America’s school children. But so far, that’s just been a theory. Now, evidence!

Margaret C. Hemenway, writing for PFOX, says she’s the parent of a first-grader at Horace Mann Elementary, the public school in D.C., whose teacher dared tell the class that she was marrying another woman. And if they had questions, they were free to ask!


Most parents would not consider a Q&A session with first-graders about homosexual marriage as an “age-appropriate” discussion. After our daughter’s revelation, we lodged a complaint with Chancellor Rhee’s office, requesting an investigation, and asking what department in the DC Government we can appeal to for restoration of our child’s sense of innocence? We are still awaiting feedback from the school on whether there is a Teacher’s “Code of Conduct” and what D.C. policy is on “age appropriate” sexuality education. The only piece of information a D.C. official provided to us was an admission that the principal approved this lesson plan and failed to warn parents in advance. Obviously, the teacher knew this was controversial and sought “top cover” from her supervisor.

[…] When we raised a red flag over another sexuality discussion, “Good Touch, Bad Touch” taught in my son’s class at Mann two years ago, this principal pledged that parents would be given notice “way in advance.” This is a principal who does not keep her word, has a callous disregard for parental rights and religion, and has lost our trust and confidence.

Moreover, it’s all part of the homosexual conspiracy to queer America!

Our daughter also mentioned a book the teacher read aloud, “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding,” about two male “gay” guinea pigs, promoted by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender Lobby for children. Since homosexual activists cannot reproduce their own children, recruitment to their cause (especially at a young age, before parents have raised such sensitive and controversial topics with their children) is essential to the political agenda of promoting homosexuality and “gay” marriage.

There lesbian teachers and their ilk must be stopped at all costs. But letting kids discuss “mommy and daddy” in the classroom? And asking them if they have “brothers and sisters”? Well, those are conversations about family, not sex.

(NB: The only “Margaret C. Hemenway” in D.C. that we turned up? She happens to be a former Congressional staffer for New Hampshire’s Sen. Robert Smith before becoming a defense policy analyst. We can’t confirm these are the same people.)

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