Comeback kid

Aaron Carter prepares to relaunch his career at a gay bar

Well that didn’t take long.

Fresh off the heels of coming out as bisexual, Aaron Carter is getting ready to ride his newfound wave of modest pop culture relevance all the way to a Florida gay bar.

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Carter announced he’ll be playing Hamburger Mary’s in his hometown of Brandon, FL on Thursday, August 10th. A burger and Arron Carter? Sold.

Tickets are $10, and according to Carter, the event is almost sold out.

Here’s his announcement on Instagram:

See you Thursday at this almost sold out pop up show in my hometown! Love y'all! ?

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The “Aaron’s Party” singer wouldn’t mind an even bigger career renaissance, too. He’s promised a new single soon, and even lobbied for a cameo on the Will & Grace reboot after the show congratulated him on living his truth:

Good luck with that, although a national tour of Hamburger Mary’s sounds deliciously camp and also very Hedwig-esque.

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  • Paco

    I’ll believe this is something more than just using gays to further his dead career when I see his boyfriend. Right now he is just looking desperate.

  • Xzamilloh

    Hoooo, boy… here we go.

  • Alexis

    While his ‘coming out’ is somewhat commendable (or just a publicity stunt), I reckon in the future (I say next 10 years) he will consider himself to be a straight man, say that his bisexuality was just a phase, and that his finding of God set him straight.

  • trusgold

    he looks like a strung out junkie I would pass on that show

  • Josh447

    I’m impressed. I’ll be watching you.

    • ChrisK

      Who’s going to be that lucky boy?:)

  • ChrisK

    Nick Jonas paved the way till he decided he wanted to be a serious actor. You want to be the next male pop star. know who’s ass you need to kiss. Carter is just upping it by joining us. See I’m one of you.

    • Rex Huskey

      makes no sense …as per usual.

  • Donston

    I knew he would be coming after the pink coin eventually, but damn that was quick.

    In two days I went from somewhat respect to full-on resentment. I thought his coming out might be legit (it still might be) and that it would be the catalyst to him getting the help he needs and living a healthy life and having a stable mind. Ultimately, no matter what his exact sexual attractions are or what his “lifestyle” is it the “outing” was clearly a stunt.

    It’s really sad that these famous and semi famous people are still doing sh*t like this for attention and/or to boost a fledgling career while so many actual homo and homo-dominant men who live a “gay lifestyle” are still treated like trash or are still struggling with themselves, and most homo and homo-dominant famous men remain closeted.

    Ultimately, though, this just isn’t smart. He revealed his hand way too soon. And in mere weeks everyone will have either peeped out his nonsense or have stopped caring.

  • jorgecruz

    I think all he is really saying is that he is going to practice sucking dick now so he is prepared when he ends up in prison on a drug charge.

    • Record Man

      I could give him lessons, and then he can show me what he’s learned.

  • tdh1980

    Wait a minute. Doesn’t he have a substance abuse problem? Shouldn’t he be working on his sobriety instead? And who are the people paying for these tickets?

    • Donston

      That’s pretty much what I’m saying. He’s trying to “relaunch” his career while still clearly being in the midst of addiction and body and legal issues. The dude was just arrested and just came out. It’s all nonsense.

      As far as the ticket buyers, some people just want anyone with any type of fame to “join the club” no matter if they’re legitimately honest about who they are, no matter how much their intentions lie in attention-seeking and money and public manipulation of image, and no matter the litany of issues they have. The rest of the buyers probably just want to witness a train-wreck.

  • JaredNorthcutt30

    Aaron Carter is relevant again. Shorter Queerty: “When can we start posting peen pics of Aaron Carter? It’s the only body part that matters!”

  • Mykey

    That was quick! So the gays are gonna make him relevant again?

  • Spike

    Live in Concert = Singing In A Florida Gay Bar

    Wow, can’t get more Dlist than that!

  • Bradsman

    I don’t know, I find myself liking him. I don’t know his music but I hope he finds success.

  • Chris

    Hamburger Mary’s is hardly a bar; but then, I’d not call it dinner theater either. Meh, I still wish the kid good luck. He’s a fighter; I’ll give him that.

  • Kieran

    Based on the bitchy comments, it seems a lot of the queens would have preferred that he stayed in the closet. I guess there’s a natural bitterness directed at things people realize they can never have.

    • Donston

      Have you seen him most recently? No one who doesn’t have a “fvcking an extreme druggie” fetish would want to touch him. He’s clearly sick and needs help and not help to reboot a long defunct career.

      Honestly, I initially happy for the dude. But it’s quickly become obvious this outing was likely just another grasp at fame and to get public sympathy. Desperation, fame-whoring and public manipulation is always a turn-off no matter what someone’s sexual attractions are, who they date or what they identity as.

  • comingout

    Oh my god talk about coming just to make a comeback ?????

  • Jaxton

    Why does Aaron have to go to a gay bar to launch his career? Why not an ordinary liberal bar? Is it because ordinary liberals won’t accept his bisexualiy?

    Note also the lack of support for Aaron from major female pop stars. Are these women afraid of male bisexuality? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    Women who claim to be bi often see genuine male bisexuality as a threat to the female privilege of being allowed to get away with lying.

    • Donston

      Oh, look, it’s “Brian”, who somehow even twisted this story into hating women. Dude, this might be your farthest and most desperate reach ever. It’s especially a reach since the majority of social media “support” he’s received have been from women. And “ordinary Liberal bar”- that’s a future catchphrase right there.

      I will end on this, we need a famous or even semi famous dude who isn’t a druggie, a polygamist, a narcissistic fame-whore using their identity for attention, or a dude who just wants to use guys for sex and/or money to come real soon. Hope is being lost.

    • Josh447

      Brian, we really have had enough of your mommie issues. Don’t you have another socio-psycho disease you could pine about? I’m sure there are many. Your mileage is up on this one.

  • indriverseat

    A popstar’s attempt to revive his career brought out the haters. What is the boy supposed to do? Starve? Whether he is pursuing rehabilitation on any aspect of his personal is not your business. Nor is it mine. The boy has to start somewhere. Give him a break.

    • Donston

      For starters, the dude hasn’t been a “popstar” since he was 12.

      In just the last couple weeks he’s talked about getting arrested, talked about breaking up with his girlfriend, talked about his drug and eating struggles (and seemed to be lying while doing do) and has talked bout his sexuality. You can’t just say “it’s none of our business” when he’s very recently made multiple things in his life public business. I’m sorry that I would rather see a drug addict and someone dealing with obvious mental issues get some help rather than trying to use his public to quickly revive his career. If that makes me a bad person I’m okay with that.

      I wish the dude no ill-will. But I have a right to right out nonsense.

  • BartmanLA

    Is it me or does this smack of being just like Thomas Dekker who is also trying to resurrect his dead career by “coming out” claiming to be married (in spite of the fact there is absolutely no social media or public media proof of said hubby). Aaron might be more authentic by at least sticking with the “bi” label and admitting to attraction to both sexes, but this performance planned seems to be pretty damn quick after his coming out. Almost as if it was pre-planned, even down to his alleged g/f dumping him the next day after his coming out. It just too easy and way to obvious that it seems pretty darn scripted. We shall see in the coming weeks/months, I want to hear how he explains his previous strong support of Trump, which he hasn’t mentioned or addressed yet.

    • Donston

      Dekker is probably who he says he is. He’s just full of gay-shame and doesn’t want to be “defined” by his sexuality like a lot of gay and gay-leaning people who still deal with discomfort about who they are. His coming out statement was pissy and came off very, “fine, I’m gay. Now leave me alone”. He hasn’t talked about it since on social media or hasn’t given any interviews since he came out. He’s still very low-key. So, I doubt he came out simply to try and revive his career.

      Aaron’s moves on the other hand seem very manipulated, pre-planned and attention-seeking, and they come off even more desperate and odd considering all the other things he’s talked about recently.

  • Captain Obvious

    Honestly it feels like people are enjoying his life going down the tubes and pretending to care. Giving him more money to inject, snort, or ingest when he should be in rehab?

    Not cute.

  • Ummmm Yeah

    I find his coming out directly after his arrest suspicious.

  • kent25

    LMAO! Oh Hell Naw! Damn Desperate much, now you want to sing to the gays? good luck with that

  • Jaxton

    Aaron’s career will go nowhere because females don’t reward male bisexuality. Even liberal females see male bisexuality as a threat to girl power.

    Males and some females tend to reward female bisexuality, and that’s why someone like Katy Perry can have a number 1 hit like I Kissed A Girl. No man will ever be allowed to have a hit suggesting he’s bi.

    Even if the woman is faking her bisexuality, she is rewarded for it.

    Welcome to the world of liberals and their bisexual hypocrisy.

    • Donston

      Dude, please just stop. I thought you had died or something. But nope, back at it again, blaming women, gay men and liberals for everything. And you are conveniently ignoring that the majority of support Aaron has received on social media have been from (probably mostly liberal) women and gay men. Can’t acknowledge something that fvcks with your redundant narrative.

      This guy hasn’t had a career in 15 plus years. So, it would be ridiculous to expect him to have one now, especially considering his current physical and mental state. If anything, coming out as bi has at least gotten people to pay attention to him again and has given him sympathy from the more naive. And there have been plenty of men throughout the decades that have said they were bi or that have said they indulged some gay activity and they have had continued success. Is James Dean not considered a huge sex symbol to many women? And plenty of men, like women, have played with sexual identity and sexual behavior for publicity’s sake. It’s not just a female thing. So, once again, just stop already.

  • Josh447

    Brian aka Jaxon,
    We really have had enough of your mommie issues. Don’t you have another socio-psycho disease you could pine about? I’m sure there are many. Your mileage is up on this one.

  • Josh447

    Brian aka Jaxton,
    We really have had enough of your mommie issues. Don’t you have another socio-psycho disease you could pine about? I’m sure there are many. Your mileage is up on this one.

  • Rex Huskey

    He’s a whore. Hard stop.

  • Jaxton

    Bisexual hypocrisy is widespread among liberals. Even gay-identifying men are guilty of bisexual hypocrisy.

    The lack of support for bi guys from liberal women and gay men is shocking.

    • Donston

      Weren’t you just saying bisexuality isn’t real? Weren’t you just saying no man should identify as bi? And when have you ever shown any support for any man who has come out as homosexual?

      Talk about hypocrisy. Give it up dude. Find some other place to hate women, hate Liberals, hate gay men and worship men who have no interest in being with a guy but will admit to having sex with them. Everyone is just over your simple, redundant, self-hating, hypocritical nonsense. At this point you’re just a spammer.

  • Jaxton

    Women look at male bisexuality and see a threat to girl power. Women are guilty of bisexual hypocrisy.

  • amigay

    I still haven’t figured out who this dude is and why I should care.

  • DCguy

    In other words, he already had the venue booked, maybe came out as Bi for P.R. and then when he gets some money from this he will date women and use the excuse that he is Bi.

  • Craig

    I don’t really question his bisexuality. I wasn’t surprised after those videos with Chris Crocker last year.

  • Eddie W

    It seems every month one of these guys shows up looking for a little sympathy. Go away Aaron there a crack pipe somewhere with your name written all over it .

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