Rapper Lil Peep comes out as bi on Twitter

It’s a great week to come out as bisexual on Twitter.

Pop singer Aaron Carter led the pack in a heartfelt message to his fans, and now 20-year-old rapper Lil Peep has followed suit.

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In a series of social media posts on Tuesday, the New York-born performer whose real name is Gustav Åhr seemed comfortable enough to joke around with his sexuality.

Good for him.

On Twitter, he got right to the point:

And posted this follow-up question:

On Instagram he had a bit more fun with the announcement in a since-deleted post:

“Bi sexual smoothies with lil peep oh my god I’m gay as f**k,” he wrote attached to a photo of him preparing a smoothie, before adding: “but I still love girls wats going on.”

Lil Peep is known in the underground music scene for tracks like “White Wine” and “Star Shopping.”

He also announced his upcoming tour dates (great way of marketing the tour, btw), which may have more LGBTQ fans in the crowd now that he’s part of the fam:


A post shared by @lilpeep on

Here’s his video for “White Wine”:

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  • ChrisK

    “Still a f*cking white bitch, wake up and I’m still high”. Great lyrics and now Bi. So edgy. Lol

    • RIGay

      …and he can rock the immersion blender, too!

    • Kangol

      Sounds like the perfect boyfriend for snow queen Tyler the Creator!

  • BriBri

    He looks like he came out as a comic book.

    • zoomlens

      I think you mean graphic novel.

  • Rex Huskey

    Who cares, really? Trash. Would you want your son to date him?

    • Chris

      Yes; just not marry him.

    • Rex Huskey

      chris, you’re trash too…

  • Donston

    I don’t resent people revealing who they are. However, I do resent that we’ve gotten hardly anyone of any level of fame (who is this dude?) who has come out the past few years and who actually wants to be with their same gender. That is, unless they feel as though they have been forced out (Kristen Stewart, Thomas Dekker).

    The majority of these people who want to use their sexual identity for publicity and who wish to constantly talk about their sexuality in public forums are people who primarily date the opposite cis gender, and they pretty much all seem to be extreme narcissists/megalomaniacs. While the famous and semi famous people who actually have real sexual attraction to same gender and want to be with the same gender still either mostly stay closeted, or they tend to show a great deal of shame or discomfort with their sexuality if they’re out.

    That’s a disturbing trend, though it’s a trend I saw coming quite a while ago.

    • ChrisK

      He or his agent saw the publicity Carter was getting. Great PR move. Otherwise, it would be a zero possibility we’d ever know about this guy.

    • Donston

      Pretty much. Saw that a nobody and druggie like Carter received a rush of positive publicity and he followed suit. Also, he thinks smoothies are “gay”. Ugh. That offended me more than his drug reference or calling women “bitches”. Smoothies are just smoothies, bruh. Everybody fux with them.

      It’s just a shame that people continue to use sexual identity and sexual behavior to indulge their narcissism and for the sake of Instagram and Twitter followers and general publicity, while the famous/semi-famous/wannabe-famous people who are truly struggling, especially those who actually want to be with the same gender, stay closeted or are obsessed with not being “defined” by their sexuality if they’re out.

      And people wonder why so many faags show bitterness.

    • kent25

      Amen! who are all they drug out fairies. They are too far gone for the gays to save they there D list careers. between Aaron and Nico and this guy, the LGBTQ is so full of famous people lmao NOT!

  • Xzamilloh

    Call me when it’s O’dell Beckham

    • Donston

      Or at least A. Rodgers who is residing in a glass closet at this point. (Honestly, I don’t have a clue when it comes to OBJ. He could be gay/gay-leaning or he could be an extreme attention whore/narcissist who is prone to do stereotypical gay stuff).

    • Xzamilloh

      Oh, it’s more wishful thinking on my part… that’s a sexy a** man.

    • Donston

      I get the appeal, but he just doesn’t do much for me. Somewhat physically, but his lack of charm in interviews and general attention-desperate behavior are turn-offs.

    • Rex Huskey


    • Kangol

      There’ll be a contemporary gold rush for ODBJr. when he walks through that (closet?) door.

      BTW, no new news about Cam Newton’s possible coming out (or whatever it was, because it was definitely gay-affirming)?

    • Donston

      Legitimately famous men who truly are sexually attracted to men and want to be with a man just don’t come out unless they’re flamers or are living in the thinnest of glass closets or have no careers left, and even then it’s often a struggle. This is how it’s always been. It may still be many, many years till we have a high-profile male athlete that plays in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL come out. And in the beginning or middle of their careers? That’ll likely take even longer. I hope I’m wrong. But I thought we would have gotten there by now five years ago.

  • RIGay

    “Come over when your sober” from the dude with a pot leaf tattooed on his chest…?

  • Seth

    Between this mess and Aaron Carter, I’d say meth is having a great week.

    • RIGay


    • Donston

      Meth is always on the come up.

  • tdh1980

    I’ve never heard of this guy before today. Ne. Ver. Good for him, I suppose.

  • Spike

    Not to be repetitive, but Who???

  • Chris

    It sounds like a bunch of castrati singing Gregorian Chant got mugged by a bunch of rap-singing priests.

  • Kieran

    I wonder what kind of tattoos he has on his Lil bottom?

    • Kangol

      Your comment made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

  • kent25

    Eww!Yuck? gay as f**K lol I don’t think so, queer yeah, bi no doubt, gay Hell to the No! The straight side can have him

  • Jack Meoff

    Wow the bisexual community has got a couple of real stand up role models for their public image in this guy and Carter. WTF!

  • Brian

    Judging from what we’ve seen this week, I’m pretty sure we can look forward to Lil Wayne, Pete Doherty, and Whitney Houston’s corpse to announce their bisexuality in the next few weeks.

  • He BGB

    I agree that they saw how much publicity Aaron Carter was getting (he’s doing his comeback in a gay bar soon they say, hehe). And the other Aaron who plays ball is going to be an old geezer by the time he comes out or is outed.

    • Kangol

      “Aaron who plays ball”? Do you mean that big strapping young home run hitter Aaron Judge?

    • Donston

      That particular individual put himself in a corner by rocking a beard for several years. He comes out now and he and his ex will look like frauds.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    the new way to get your name in the news, just say “i’m bi”. whoopie. when will some of them decide to simply come out as gay instead of tiptoeing around the subject. that takes guts, not saying you occasionally like to cuddle after a blowjob.

    • Donston

      No one should have to identify as something they’re not. Yes, we all know coming out as homo is still an incredibly hard thing for men to do. It’s decisive. It’s emasculating. It’s limiting. It’s often an ego-buster. And a lot of famous men and just men in general are taking these bi/fluid/queer labels and using them to cover up simply liking to get their dicks sucked by dudes or liking sucking dick sometimes but not being genuinely sexually attracted to men. Or to cover up having megalomaniac instincts where they like pounding or getting pounded by guys but lack real sexual attraction. Just like a lot are still using them to cover up their homosexuality or desire to still get attention from women as an ego-stabilizer despite being gay or being greatly gay-leaning and having no real interest in women. Or using them as a way to cover up wanting to continue having sexual and/romantic relationships with genders they very little or no sexual attraction. If most were just honest about these things it would be cool. But they use identity as a diversion and as manipulation rather than something that is revealing who they are and their motivations. And sexual identity in the narcissistic celeb world has always been greatly manipulated and a way to sell yourself however you wish to sell yourself.

      And all of it makes men who actually have real and substantial sexual attraction to men and women and actually look at men and women as potential partners look bad.

  • marinetti

    AND…. now he’s dead

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