AARP Member Calvin Klein and His 21-Year-Old Boyfriend Are “On A Break”

It doesn’t look like Calvin Klein is going to throw his porn-star-turned-underwear-model boyfriend Nick Gruber a big party for his birthday later this month, like he did last year at Nick’s 21st. (See photo at right.)

Calvin, 67, has gone “on a break” with his 21-year-old boy toy Nick, today’s Daily News tells us.

Klein has often been spotted out and about without Gruber recently—who was usually at his side since the relationship began in spring 2010. Heck, our anti-social ass even spotted Calvin sans son garçon in a West Village cafe just last Friday.

Calvin is still keeping in shape, too. He brushed off friends’ concerns about a recently injured shoulder and left them to head to the gym.

Gay party promoter and ex-Playgirl marketing chief Daniel Nardicio tells Queerty that, despite the 46-year age difference, Nick says they’re in love and “wants to spend the rest of his life with [Calvin].” He hears Calvin says the same.

Nardicio, however, laid out the terms that everyone has suspected: “If there is a break-up, I would imagine it’d be on Calvin’s part, as he holds the pursestrings.”

Gruber and Klein have been living together for more than a year at Calvin’s West Village apartment. It’s unclear whether Nick has moved out or what prompted the split.