Achtung, Baby! Gay Mayor Of Berlin Meets Spartacus Cover Model Davey Wavey

PHOTO:  There are plenty of perks to being the gay mayor of a city like Berlin, where LGBT nightlife, arts and community are everywhere. But Klaus Wowereit, the out politico whose run the city since 2001, probably didn’t think meeting Davey Wavey was one of them.

The vlogger appeared at ITB Berlin, the international travel trade show, to promote the 2013 Spartacus International Gay Guide, the cover of which he graces.


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Photo: Bruno Gmunder

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  • MikeE

    and meeting this “Davey Wavey” is a “perk” how exactly?

    I think your cover model should be the one in awe of meeting someone doing something worthwhile with their life.

  • Joe Dalmas

    “the out politico whose run”

    Did you mean, “the out politico who has run”?

    You guys need a spelling-proficient editor. Let me know if you’re hiring.

  • Cam

    Soooooo, the excuse for not reporting on all of the anti-gay activity funded by the Mormon church was said “By Dan Avery” to be issues of space and time.

    Glad to see there was room for this earth-shattering story.

  • Spike

    Wow, Davey Wavey owns a shirt, err, I mean tank top. Who knew? As for he being the cover model for some travel calendar, damn that boy is really making something of his life! Truly inspiring. Queerty should nominate him for their Most Relevant Gay Of The Year award!

  • Tone

    I cannot for the life of me work up any hate for this man nor do I quite understand the snark here. Sour grapes perhaps?

    He’s bootstrapped himself from obscurity to living the kind of life he wants to live. On the other hand I do not find him overly interesting either. White teeth and pecs can be found on every corner in most cities. But good for him for postulating the sort of life he wants to have, and grabbing hold of it.

  • Dixie Rect

    I thought Queerty banned any ‘davey wavey’ posts, for good?

  • Charlie in Charge

    Gosh everyone, yes by all means let’s tar and feather the guy whose mission in life is to promote having a positive attitude about ourselves and others because… can’t think of a reason actually.

  • Cagnazzo82

    I take it this ‘Davey Wavey’ guy is the mainstream gay definition of sexy?


    The politician is actually hotter than him. And I’m not even into old guys.

  • balehead

    Stop the cyber bullying already!!!

  • John Doe

    @Charlie in Charge: I agree. The gay community can be rather bitter and petty at times. DW is rather popular, cute and positive…. so let’s bash him when we have the chance! The Catholic Church hurls insults and rocks at us…. so lets just throw them back by making fun of the Pope’s hat!! A real lack of maturity in my opinion. Instead of having reasonable or mature conversations, some gravitate towards the lowest form of communication – attacks, insults, more insults, etc.

  • Cam


    I’m tired of the overuse of the word “Bullying” to compare people talking about “Davey Wavey” to kids that are driven to suicide or flat out murdered is beyond disgusting.

    balehead, please point out the comments in this section that you feel rose to the level of Bullying. you don’t get to just make a charge like that without specifics.

  • Spike

    He’s meeting the Mayor of Berlin and he shows up in a tank top. Imagine he spent more time groom his arm pits rather then thinking about the appropriateness of his clothing choice given those who would be attending the event. Oh my bad, that’s just so hateful of me, I must stop this bullying. Imagine had it been and underwear calendar he would have shown up in his underwear, damn, there I go again.

  • Polaro

    Yeah, there are a lot of bitchy queens who post snark here. We are our own worst enemy, so it seems. Regrets for failed lives of their own, I guess, drives this kind of nastiness. Davey Wavey is fine. He is wearing a Spartacus tank top to a Spartacus event…get over yourselves.

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