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Actor Luke Evans slams critics accusing him of hiding sexuality: “I’ve never been ashamed”

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“What was strange was that when people did find out that I was gay, there was a lot of articles and stuff written saying that I was hiding it, and I wasn’t. I just wanted to get online and I wanted to pick up the phone and say, ‘Do you realize I left home at 16 because I was gay?’ I went into the world as a kid, because I had to. I am proud and happy, and I’ve lived a very big life that I’m super happy with. And I’ve never been ashamed. And now all of a sudden I was being treated in this way and it was a scary moment because I was, like, oh God, this is horrible. This is not true. None of this is true.”–Actor Luke Evans, striking back against critics who have accused him of hiding his sexuality. In an interview with Attitude, Evans opens up about leaving home as a teenager, and the reasons for keeping his personal life private.