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Adult film star goes missing after his boyfriend is found stabbed to death

Ali (left) and Harris (right)

A gay adult film star has disappeared after his boyfriend was found stabbed to death in his San Francisco studio apartment last week.

48-year-old Keith Harris was murdered in Hayes Valley last week. He was discovered by his building manager, who went to check his apartment after Harris had not been seen for a couple of days.

When he knocked on the door, there was no response, so he unlocked it and went inside, according to the Bay Area Reporter. Upon stepping into the living room, he found “big drops” of blood “on the floor and smears of blood on the wall and the door going into the bathroom,” he said.

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Police confirmed Harris suffered multiple “stab wounds.” A next-door neighbor says she heard “loud voices” coming from the apartment at around 2 AM last Wednesday, but she couldn’t understand who was speaking or what was being said.

Now, Harris’ boyfriend, adult film star Alkoraishie Ali, who performs under the name Ali Liam, is nowhere to be found.

Ali made his debut for and Pride studios earlier this year. San Francisco party promoter Gus Bean, who was close friends with the couple, says Ali also worked for him as a go-go dancer.

“Nobody seems to know where he is,” he says. “His phone goes to voicemail.”

Harris’ family are pointing to Ali as the killer. Harris’ twin brother, Greg, commented on several Facebook photos of Ali with Harris, writing, “He murdered Keith, my identical twin.”

Police have not named him as a suspect and are waiting to speak to him before they make any further announcements.

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