Have We Done The Time Warp?

AIDS Activist Lashes Out At Racist, Anti-Gay Govt.

Washington DC leads America’s HIV/AIDS pack. One in twenty people in our nation’s capital carry the deadly retrovirus. Many of you are probably wondering, “How in the world could our government allow such disgraceful numbers?” Activist Nicole Styles has her suspicions.

Via ABC:

Styles thinks that when these staggering numbers were announced, a state of emergency should have been declared. Instead, she and many others in D.C. suspect that the government’s seeming indifference is because 80 percent of those infected are black and most of the others are gay.

Styles believes that if the disease affected white heterosexuals at a rate of one in 20, the city and federal government would have more of a response.

What?! Our Republican controlled government ignores blacks and gays? How retro!