Alexander Skarsgård spent his weekend partying & kissing guys at a gay club in Stockholm

Image Credit: Getty Images

With all due respect to your plans, we doubt you had a better Saturday night than Alexander Skarsgård.

Over the weekend, the hunky 47-year-old actor was spotted partying it up in his native Stockholm, Sweden at a nightclub called—wait for it—Backdoor, which claims to be “Scandinavia’s biggest” gay club.

You’d think the blond, beautiful, 6’4″ Skarsgård would stick out like a sore thumb anywhere he goes, but keep in mind: This is Sweden we’re talking about, and basically everyone there is tall and stunning.

Still, he was recognized by a handful of fans among the smoke and strobe lights, and appeared more than happy to pose for some selfies, even gracing a few of them with a peck on the cheek.

Among those photographed with Skarsgård was DJ Leo B who was thrilled to have the actor’s “goodies” in their DJ booth that night, as well as queen Vanity Vain who placed third on the inaugural season of Drag Race Sverige earlier this year.

In Vanity’s post, she noted the Big Little Lies star was even wearing her merch! Wait a minute, is Skarsgård a Drag Race fan? Someone book this man a guest judging gig, stat!

Any eagle-eyed photo perusers (okay, us) have noticed the actor wasn’t wearing a Vanity Vain shirt the entire night—appearing in other shots wearing a plain white tee—so, according to our calculations, that would have to mean… he took his shirt off at some point at Backdoor?

Oh, to be a fly on the disco ball at the club!

For the record, we’re not going to make any assumptions here. Maybe Skarsgård—who has a son with Swedish actress/director singer Tuva Novotny—just wanted to have a fun night out, so why wouldn’t he go to the gay bar?

The actor has a history of being a total ally, too, having spoken previously about looking up to his gay uncle when he was a kid, and clearly having no qualms with getting intimate with dudes on screen (which fans of True Blood know well, we’re sure).

Also, he was in Lady Gaga‘s music video for “Paparazzi,” so that’s got to count for major points with the LGBTQ+ community, right?

Besides, Skarsgård’s red carpet style history seems to prove this guy’s pretty open and progressive when it come to sexuality. See the above header photo of the actor wearing a leather choker collar to the Sundance premiere of his latest film Infinity Pool for proof! (Also, if you’re not familiar with his IMDB profile photo, do yourself a favor and go check that out right now. Just iconic!)

Anyway, shout-out to the @worldofskarsgard1 fan page on Instagram for collecting all of these glorious photos and videos from Skarsgård’s big night out in one place. The clips of him dancing along to some thumping techno beat are a particular delight.

It all made its way over to Twitter/X, too, where user @JAMNPP graciously shared the images with those of us who weren’t already in the Alexander Skarsgård Fan Club. (Sorry about that, by the way—it was an oversight that we corrected immediately. We’re now officially part of the club.)

Actually, that Skarsgård fan club is likely hitting record numbers now that @JAMNPP’s posted video of the actor dancing has upwards of 376k views—and counting.

Folks on the social platform are reacting with all kinds of thirst, adoration, and appreciation. Check out a few of our favorite responses to Skarsgård’s big night out below: