Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stumps for Alex Morse amid homophobic scandal

Campaign photo

Holyoke, Massachusetts Mayor and the Democratic primary candidate for the state’s 1st Congressional District Alex Morse just received a pivotal endorsement: that of popular Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez voiced her approval for Morse on Tuesday. Morse welcomed the endorsement with open arms, taking to Twitter to share his elation. “What a day!  1st – @CarmenYulinCruz endorsed. Then – we released our closing ad. JUST NOW – @AOC‘s @CouragetoChange endorsed us. Help us end the day strong.”

Morse further underlined the endorsement, releasing a statement saying: “When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took on her own entrenched incumbent in 2018, she changed public service for the better, further inspiring me and so many others to fight for our districts and empower those who have long been forgotten. I am honored to have the congresswoman’s Courage to Change in our corner, and it will be the honor of my life to bring the people alongside me to Washington.”

The endorsement comes at a key moment for Morse, who has fought an ugly battle with incumbent Rep. Richard Neal, a fellow Democrat. Morse has also had to endure a homophobic smear campaign, in which several college students accused Morse of using his position as mayor to seduce men as young as 18, according to NBC News.

The Intercept later published an investigation that revealed the college students had planned and coordinated the attack on Morse. The students had hoped destroying Morse’s campaign would help them secure internships with the office of Richard Neal.