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All Of America Is Falling In Love With ‘Princess Boy’ Dyson Kilodavis

Like fellow mom Sarah, whose son wore a Daphne from Scooby Doo Halloween costume, Cheryl Kilodavis’ son Dyson also yearned for a wardrobe outside his gender norms. Having already made the local news rounds, the Kilodavis — which includes father Dean and brother Dkobe, who are all supportive of Dyson — made their Today debut this morning. Like any other kid, Dkobe likes “playing in the trees,” says Dean, “he just likes doing it in a dress. Big deal.” Cherly’s self-published book about her son, My Princess Boy, was picked up by Simon & Schuster and went into wide release just before Christmas.

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  • alex

    love it.

  • $0.02

    Happy his parents are allowing him to be himself. Contrary to popular belief this boy is going to grow up well rounded, happy, secure and thriving. At some point the homophobes will see this…

  • ewe


  • malcanoid

    What a lovely supportive family and what a happy confident child. Best wishes to each and all of them.

    There must be a plethora of “Family Research” and “Concerned Women” organisations just busting their gut to interfere and apply their standardised “Xian” model of parenting.

  • rodrigo

    While I think its great and wonderful that the parents are supportive of non traditional gender roles for their son, I for one think that this boy is going to be very po’d at his parents once he grows up for letting him go in dresses on national tv. I mean many boys do like to dress up and the majority grow out of it (not necessarily being gay or trans- granted some do).

  • Vatican Lokey

    Hmm, I’ve got to agree with Rodrigo on this one. He’s going to grow out of this phase eventually and will literally be haunted by this his entire life. Going on The Today Show–not the best idea for him, but I’m certain it will do wonders for her book sales.
    Of course, the book will most likely help pay for his college education…

  • hotone2me

    @ Vatican Lokey
     I commend the parents to defy gender norms and allowing their child to express himself as he wishes.  As being an African American that was allowed to play dress up with my younger sister was one to the warm and loving memories of my late mother. 

    Let’s face it, society is changing, there are several parents that have been public on their allowance of their boys to dress as girls.  The parent clearly stated that it about what they are dealing with.  Many families allow their female children to wear gender neutral or clothing that boys wear.  That seems to never be an issue. 

    These parents are defying the serotype and are creating a space that their children are allowed to be and expressive themselves. I no longer gender bend and quite comfortable in my emasculated adult self, however having an androgyny as part of my gender expression has allowed me to be comfortable with my expression of masculinity and femininity. 

    and I do agree the books sales will change their financial status, and will be great for college tuition. Lastly, with the profits of the book, the child can get a great therapist (not psychologist) and could then write a memoir about his experience and be totally set

  • steveMD2

    I’ve met sweveral trans people, who at age 4-5, when asked to draw a pix of themselves drew a female Even thought they were a male.

    A couple were actually suicidal in their mid years due to the internal conflict between body and mind.

    Will the homophobes ever get it – not until a lot of churches are turned into museums to showcase peoples inhumanity to other people.

    BTW one of the homophobes in the MD legislature – a woman If ever there was a case of an unadmitted / unrecognized male in womans parts, thats her. High Nancy………….

  • irtimt

    This woman is exploiting her son for selling a book and 15 minutes of fame. I am very disturbed by that. While I am happy that Dyson can express himself at home and be supported by his family, using his personal experience for her own celebrity is a very poor decision by the mother. These videos will live on forever when his name is searched on the internet which I imagine will haunt him professionally and socially. What poor judgement.

  • justiceontherocks

    These parents aren’t defying gender norms and supporting equality. They are peddling a freak show. This is wrong on more levels than we can count.

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