All The Lesbian Couples In Pink’s New Music Video Aren’t A Gimmick To Lure Straight Dudes To Watch

Pink, the singer behind this summer’s most-watched live performance injury, is spreading the gay love in her new music video for “Raise Your Glass,” featuring a slew of gay couples in the clip, because after watching one of her lesbian friends get married she got all mushy.

“I threw my best friend’s wedding in my backyard,” says the singer. “She is gay and it was a beautiful ceremony. At the end of it, her mom said, ‘Why can’t that be legal?’ and started crying. It was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen and that’s why I’m doing it in my video.”

On Saturday she’ll also pop up at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual fall dinner in D.C. where she’ll accept the Ally for Equality Award, an honor HRC bestows on celebrities who will get a photo of HRC’s logo in the first few pages of Us Weekly.

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  • claudia

    i LOVE pink – she is so cool and tough!!!

  • travis Mitchell

    yay! Love her! one of my favourite female artists!

  • Greg from Denver

    So, Queerty so hates HRC that they need to denigrate any gay ally who has the nerve to be associated with them. This video sounds like a legitimate attempt to celebrate our relationships and educate her fans. You are getting to be oh so “Perez Hilton”. I’m glad you didn’t write some misogynistic word across her forehead and draw splatters running down her dress. I come to Queerty because I can find interesting stories and different perspectives on what is going on in our community, but I don’t think every story needs to find a new way to spout venom at HRC.

  • ~R~

    I’m starting to get hints of “Right Wing” in most of the stories here… it’s making me want to find a less-bitter-queen news source.

  • jason

    Pink is a fake gay advocate. She claims to be gay-friendly but has hardly put any male-male couples in her videos. She’s a fake, guys.

    It’s outrageous that HRC is even rewarding this phony.

  • jason

    Greg from Denver,

    Pink is a fake gay advocate (FGA). She’s part of a list of FGA’s – usually women – who are using the gay rights notion to market themselves to the general community. Problem is, their marketing is all about girl-girl action, not guy-guy action.

  • ~R~

    @jason: DUH!!! She’s a celebrity! It is all about marketing. Even those who come out… Ricky Martin (promoting his new memoirs) to chely Wright (promoting a book and a CD) do it as a marketing ploy. Regardless of motive, some celebrities offer a sense of genuine sentiment to compliment that money-making ploy and I personally feel that Rink is one of those celebrities.

    But onto the real meat of your jab… the HRC part! LOL! The HRC is comprised of a bunch of phonies so, yea… what do you expect? Don’t tell me you honestly think the HRC legitimately cares: honey, the longer we have inequality, the longer the HRC honchos get their pockets lined with cash. YAY!!! It’s another marketing ploy! What a shock!

    At least Pink can sing, which I suppose can be considered a consolation prize.

  • jason


    Pink did a sexualized photo shoot (fishnet stockings etc) for a heterosexual men’s magazine about 2 years ago. This magazine – whose name escapes me – has a reputation for using derogatory anti-gay terms. Pink isn’t just marketing to the enemy, she’s sleeping with it too.

    Pink is a fake, pure and simple.

  • ~R~

    @jason: You are free to feel what you want as I am free to feel what I want. I’ve taken what you said, thought about it, and discarded it. EVEN a phony ally is better than no ally. Why you may ask? Well, while they get publicity they draw attention to our causes, our plights. YES, they make some coin… we are exploited, BUT we are esploited in pretty much every venue (in politics, we often find ourselves thrown under the bus). I PERSONALLY (which means you can try but it is unlikely you will change my mind) am moved by the music video she is getting ready to shoot… whether it features a lesbian couple or a gay couple hardly makes a difference to me since I see us as being in the same boat. It’s already been made pretty clear that Pink likes to hang out with the ladies… even to the point where there was specualtion that she too was a lesbian. I doubt that she is, but who am I to care.

    BOTTOM (hehehe) line: I like Pink and I like her message. Even if she is fake, her message is getting out to her fans and she has said nothing to indicate a different view… and only a select few may read into her actions as deeply as you do to actually determine that she may be bedfellows with the Phelps clan.

    Who’s right and who’s wrong? I can’t say. I know you feel right and I feel right, but I guess neither of will ever know until the day pink decides to run us over with her bedazzled tour bus. Until then, I’m in her corner.

  • DR

    Here we go with the pathological hatred from Jason.

    Yet another thread on the internet derailed by his anti-woman ramblings. *sigh*

  • anna

    “Problem is, their marketing is all about girl-girl action, not guy-guy action.”

    What, so lesbians don’t count? Sure they do.

  • dicksfordinner

    Aren’t there enough pro fag performers who only promote guy on guy and ignore girl on girl?

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