All We Want For Christmas: The Queerty Wish List

Dear Gay Santa,

Everyone at Queerty and our parent company GayCities has been incredibly naughty relatively nice this year. We’ve worked very hard to keep our readers up-to-date with the great strides made in achieving equality during the past 12 months. We’ve also applauded all the notable folks who’ve come out this year and we’ve hissed at all the silly haters in 2014. So now it’s payback time and we’ve compiled a list of things we want for Christmas. We tried not to be too selfish.

Happy holidays!

The Queerty and GayCities staff

Pour yourself another brandy egg nog and scroll down for our lists.

Scott Gatz, GayCities, Inc. Founder & CEO:


My other items are so high tech but my fave gift is simple: a nice pot of orchids. Purple or white just are amazing to look at and do well in my San Francisco home.
Native Union’s JUMP Cable
Someone just got me this and it’s awesome. It charges its own battery while you charge your phone and then you can use it as a back up if your phone dies. But most importantly is how small it is. It can fit into your pocket very easily, while all the other solutions are just too bulky to remember to carry with me.
 Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.34.29 PM
I always misplace things around my house, this little tile goes on a keychain or gets stuck to your remote and has an app that allows you to find it easily.  ALso good when you lose something away from the house:  While Tile doesn’t have GPS real-time location information, the app does automatically record the last place your phone saw your Tile. Because if you have to retrace your steps, it’s good to know where to start walking.
Chris Bull, Queerty Editorial Director:
Beautiful hotel next to gay hood, featuring views of downtown, spa, pool and roof deck party palace.
Layer 23 Time Machine Watch by N.I.C.E. Collective
Stylish watch by the fabulous San Francisco-based designer boys, Joe and Ian.
Guidi make fashionable backpacks that will last you a lifetime in style

Dan Tracer, Queerty staff writer:


Fleetwood Mac tickets

I’ve been trying to see them for years and it needs to finally happen, already. I’m confident Stevie feels the same way.


Kabuki Spa

An annual pass to the spa in San Francisco’s Japan Town, complete with a 50 mins. massage every other week, of course.

Jake Myers, Account Manager for Queerty and GayCities:


 Sonos wireless speaker

The Sonos speaker is a wireless speaker that I can stream my iTunes to, as well as stream my Howard Stern every morning on Sirius Satellite Radio. In a post-stereo age, I need something that can listen to music throughout my apartment with better sound quality than a laptop or my iPhone.



Babolat PLAY Pure Drive

A tennis racquet that tracks your play.


HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Sound Machine

I’m a city boy and sleeping in silence is deafening. I need something to drown out the silence, and I don’t really want to use my iPhone app every night.

Gabe Cooper, GayCities and Queerty Marketing, Content & Community:



A strapping gift box

The gift box comes fully wrapped and includes a tie or bow tie of your choosing, handmade skin care products (shave kit or specialty bar of soap) and two pairs of socks.



Perhaps this will help motivate me to get up from my desk during work and drink enough water throughout the day.


Soul Socks

I love funky dress socks, they always brighten the mood and they make awesome stocking stuffers.

Dave McMahon, GayCities & Queerty Marketing & Sales Associate:


Revolights Bike Lights

I’ll settle for a bike helmet that doesn’t make me look like Toad from Super Mario Bros.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.21.03 PM

Button-down shirts

I’m always on the lookout for cool and comfy new shirts that make me feel a tiny bit professional or fashionable.



The way to my heart is through my Spotify.

Jeremy Kinser, Managing Editor, Queerty:


Buckler’s Camp Blend Soy Candle 

This scent will take you back to that first feeling of freedom you experienced sitting around the campfire with your buds. Light it up, pass it around.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 4.41.58 PM

Barbra Streisand by Steve Schapiro and Lawrence Schiller

Only the entertainer commonly referred to as “the greatest star” could merit a lavish photo book that costs $750 (and there’s a special “art edition” with a price tag of $1800!). I’ll accept either.


Modern Painted Aspen Tree Ring Art

Until I can live in a rustic cabin in the woods, this is the next best thing.

Graham Gremore, Queerty contributing writer:


Meryl Streep Risograph Print

This limited edition risograph print of Meryl Streep by illustrator Caroline Dowsett is almost too much to handle.


Woven Elephant Boxers

There’s nothing I don’t love about these elephant boxer shorts with a trap door in the back. Seriously, nothing.


Gladys Goose Lamp

I already have one of these in my guest room, but I love it so much I want another one for my bedroom. And maybe a third one for my living room. Ideally, I would like a Gladys Goose lamp in every room of my house.

Matt Baume, Queerty contributing writer:



Derek Jacobi’s book that I still have not gotten around to reading, for some reason. I really need to get on that. Have you seen him and Sir Ian on Vicious? I die.
I am completely obsessed with these book and this show, and also completely confused by them. As much as I love the stories, I am constantly having to flip through the pages to remember who anyone is, what their deal is, and who they had sex with/killed. Reference books are a must-have for getting any further than the first few chapters.
I am the worst at dressing myself. Left to my own devices, I’ll wind up in clown pants and an inside-out T-shirt. This is why I need a subscription to a service where a professional will size me up, decide what looks good, and then send me a box of things every month.