Alleged Serial Rapist Has Been Forcibly Sodomizing Young Straight College Students In Georgia

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An alleged serial rapist has been sexually terrorizing young straight male students at the University of Georgia in Athens.

27-year-old Andre Montez Jones (pictured) is accused of abusing as many as four men, inviting them back to his apartment, drugging, raping and even beating them.

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The investigation against Jones started back in December, when he allegedly invited an 18-year-old male student over to his place to watch Neflix after finals.

The victim, who identifies as straight, told police Jones gave him a beer. After just a few sips, he passed out. The next thing he knew, he was naked and Jones was on top of him.

He pushed Jones off, telling him he wasn’t gay, then ran for his clothes. That’s when the 27-year-old started beating him, resulting in the young man suffering a bloody nose, swollen eye and severe scratches on his neck, face and elsewhere on his body.

After escaping the apartment, he called police and Jones was arrested and charged with aggravated sodomy with force and battery.

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A few weeks later, after the story was picked up by local media, another student from the same university came forward to say a similar thing had happened to him. Last month, he told police that he, too, was sexually assaulted by Jones after the two met at a sports bar. He did not file a police report, however, because he didn’t want his name to become public.

And a few weeks after that, a third young man made the exact same allegations against Jones, telling police earlier this month that Jones had forcibly sodomized him inside his apartment as well.

Then on Tuesday, yet another man came forward to say he was raped by Jones at his apartment in December 2014.

Police believe there may be other victims out there who have yet to come forward. Jones is currently in the Athens-Clarke County jail and is being held without bail until his criminal trial.

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