Already Working With Bigot Ann Coulter, GOProud Adds Islamophobe Michael Lucas

How does GOProud improve on the free publicity it’s getting by signing Ann Coulter to headline Sept. 25’s Homocon event in New York City? By adding everybody’s favorite Islamophobe Michael Lucas as a sponsor.

Which really just means he donated $2,500 to the event, as have … “Tammy Bruce, Grover Norquist, Margaret Hoover, John Hawkins, Lisa DePasquale, Steve Yuhas, Bruce Carroll & John Ciccone, Christopher Barron & Shawn Gardner, Jimmy LaSalvia [Ed: You’re having your own chiefs “sponsor” your event? O-kay!], Craig Engle, Christopher Taylor & Anthony Cirone, Michael Lucas, Roy Eappen, and Jessica Lee.”

Of course we should all interpret this as Michael Lucas, proprietor of porn company Lucas Entertainment, supporting homosexual rights, but who knew “4 of Michael Lucas’ Sleaziest Moments Of All Time” would have to be updated so soon?

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