Already Working With Bigot Ann Coulter, GOProud Adds Islamophobe Michael Lucas

How does GOProud improve on the free publicity it’s getting by signing Ann Coulter to headline Sept. 25’s Homocon event in New York City? By adding everybody’s favorite Islamophobe Michael Lucas as a sponsor.

Which really just means he donated $2,500 to the event, as have … “Tammy Bruce, Grover Norquist, Margaret Hoover, John Hawkins, Lisa DePasquale, Steve Yuhas, Bruce Carroll & John Ciccone, Christopher Barron & Shawn Gardner, Jimmy LaSalvia [Ed: You’re having your own chiefs “sponsor” your event? O-kay!], Craig Engle, Christopher Taylor & Anthony Cirone, Michael Lucas, Roy Eappen, and Jessica Lee.”

Of course we should all interpret this as Michael Lucas, proprietor of porn company Lucas Entertainment, supporting homosexual rights, but who knew “4 of Michael Lucas’ Sleaziest Moments Of All Time” would have to be updated so soon?

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  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    We must be tolerant of Islamic religion and their murder of gays.

    I grew up in Islamic Indonesia, so I can totally understand how Muslims feel. Freedom of religion means you can kill those who disagree with you.

  • tomas

    I think Queerty has a personal agenda against Michael Lucas. This is the 100000012 article that queerty wrote about him. This is sick.

  • rudy

    Lucas is loathesome.
    In all his films he acts as if he has Michael Brandon’s dick when he’s only got a C- or D-List piece as porn tops go.
    That leaves him a snotty bigot, not that all hung, a so-so body, and definitely not pretty.
    You and Michael Musto are welcome to him.

  • vinnyc

    So can someone explain what’s the whole idea of Goproud? I mean is there now a group for White gays only! How can you be part of a political group whose basic ideology is Homophobic? Michael Lucas is worst of the prostitutes anyways , Goproud or gowhore… whatever..

  • Gert

    Michael Lucas is a beyond vile piece of filth and a shame on the gay community. He deserves every ounce of our and Queerty’s written contempt.

  • ron

    I just do not understand gay Republicans. They’re delusional at best!

  • Michael C.

    Michael Lucas is entirely correct to point out loudly and often the threat that Muslim society is to the lives of gay people everywhere. Clearly the always present threat of violence from those “peaceful” Muslims works since so many homos fall all over themselves to protect the poor, poor sensibilities of the Muslims when you don’t care about any other religions good image. Why they even made up a special nonsense word for it… “Islamophobia.” Just toss that out whenever anyone makes a justifiable accusation against Islam.

  • vinnyc

    @Michael C.: Trying to combat Hate with hate is counterproductive. Also you cannot presume on things from some instances only. Remember there are atleast 6 million Gay population in the Muslim world all mostly in closet. Being an outsider if you can spew so much hate , what about their feelings? Also how many individuals actually have option to choose religion. Its thrust on them from their parents. The best we can do is give them the compassion which you believe is being denied to us. Time will tell who wins, but we should atleast try. Hate begets hate and you don’t want to take that route and certainly not on the behest of any of the luminary entities listed above. Things are not always black and white.

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    @Michael C.: Islamic terrorist rights are more important to my Administration than Gay Rights.

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    @vinnyc: Exactly! Stop hating Muslim terrorists and direct your hate at GOProud!

  • Rick Brannon

    Why all the hating oh gay Republicans?

    Some say they are delusional, others say they are misguided.

    It is their right to believe and associate as they do, so leave them the fuck along…

    I am not a Republican. In fact, I am probably as far from a Republican as you can get.

    Just because someone believes differently than you, does not make them any less worthy of respect.

  • KatyGirl

    He has a right to his opinions!

    Besides, he’s right. Islam wants to take over the world and execute all gays. That’s right there in Sharia law: Execute homosexuals, take over the world, lie to infidels, husbands can beat their wives….. all of this is in their OFFICAL book of beliefs.


  • concretepinata

    Was Rick Warren booked? The headliner is a vile shrew slattern whom referred to John Edwards as a “faggot”. Just a supernova of apathy and self-hatred. Were I even to subscribe to this mindwipe I would be too ashamed to appear there.
    Lauding their detractors with a straight face, it’s amazing.

  • concretepinata

    @Bareback Hussein Osama: You may be more comfortable over at failblog with your ilk.
    At least make an attempt at being clever.

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    @concretepinata: Good point, I am President Fail!

  • Mike

    *yawn* I’m so over GOPROUD. Let them do whatever. An article about them made it on a conservative website a few weeks ago. They got TRASHED by the posters of that website. Their own fellow conservatives ripped them apart. If that’s what they enjoy, why not? My guess is they probably get sexual gratification from being degraded.

  • tjr101

    Wow, they’re now having this walking venereal disease attend their bash? Serves them right!

  • TGC

    @Mike: My guess is they probably get sexual satisfaction from being degraded.

    More projection from the gay left.

  • Gay Republican

    I am a gay Republican and enjoy going on liberal websites to type about how awful liberals are even when the topic isn’t political!*giggles* It gives me a rush because I feel so rebellious and normally have nothing better to do.

    J.S. xoxoxo

  • Mike


    Isn’t Michael Lucas an Escort/Prostitute? Sounds pretty trashy to me. I would hire him to dress up like a duck and quack. Maybe have him fetch stuff that I throw. That’s about all he’s worth. Two dolla whoe

  • TGC

    @Mike: Isn’t Michael Lucas an Escort/Prostitute?

    I have no idea. I don’t keep up with such things.

  • ousslander

    Yes let’s all attack GOproud for trying the change minds in the cinservative movement. Menawhile let’s worship Obama who’s department filings compared gay marriage to incest/beastiality. I think the accusation of self-hatred is a projection of the “tolerant” left.

  • Johnny Come Lately

    All Republicans aren’t tea partiers. I think it’s high time the “community” acknowledges that we’re at a point where we need as many voices as possible to gain equality. I think this is a great way for people to start thinking of new ideas, instead of kowtowing to whatever “plan” Obama has for us.

  • swarm

    JFC Here we go again. USA (mostly here) LGBT pearlclutching over other demographics. Never mind ISLAM, HISPANIC, INTERNATIONAL grievances. Stick to YOUR ISSUES. eyeroll. The politicians dismiss you because you’re so easy to distract and disunify.

    And try actually reading something OTHER THAN blog comments for your “education & information”. Oh wait. You actually WANT Sharia Courts parallel legal system to become law here, like in the UK, right? And all the distraction that goes with the “poor Islamic rights” narrative.

  • TGC

    @swarm: That’s what I don’t get. These screaming Marys whine, piss and moan about alleged “horrors” and “terrorism” perpetrated against gays by Bush/Cheney/Rove/Mehlman etc. and can’t provide any example. However, they completely IGNORE the very real torture, murder and execution of gays by Islamo-fascists. We have examples of the horrors and terrorism they’re responsible for but Gay Inc. only squeal like Ned Beatty about imagined “horrors”. Worse still, they SUPPORT it, circle the wagons around such tyranny. Queers for Palestine? WTF?

    It’s the very definition of back asswards.

  • TGC

    Further, my guess is that the gay left gets sexual gratification from sitting around with their thumbs up their asses while gays are REALLY (not imagined) persecuted and killed.

    BTW, ever wonder why you can burn an American flag all day long only to be praised by liberals but you can’t burn a freakin’ Koran? Evidently Newsweak didn’t give a rotten damn about our troops when they manufactured the kerfuffle over Korans flushed down the toilet.

  • Paschal

    Hate never helps anything. Yes there is homophobia in Muslim countries. Let’s try to do something positive instead of mischaracterising an entire group of people. I know Muslims myself. Some are nicer than others. The same is true among other groups.

  • whatever

    @Bareback Hussein Osama: wow. you chime in with yet another painfully unfunny post. stop when you’re not ahead.

  • whatever

    @TGC: Freeper vermin seems to have infiltrated this blog. LoL, I love seeing the 25% of the abject brain dead morons who still approve of GWB here.

  • Jeff

    How quickly the gays turn on their porn idols of yesterday! Obviously somebody at Queerty has a raging hard-on (and not in a loving or lustful way) for the outspoken Lucas. I’ve read some interviews with him before and find him to be an intelligent, impassioned guy with some controversial views. To say that you hate a people — Muslims, in this case — is simply beyond the pale, however. No Jew in his right mind should ever say such a thing. Beyond that, he’s right that Islam has contributed nil to world culture for hundreds of years now, except …. “carpets”. And a rather sharp uptick in the popularity of medieval punishments.

  • TGC

    @whatever: LoL, I love seeing the 25% of the abject brain dead morons who still approve of GWB here.

    Nice ASSume you got there. Do you work out? Actually it’s sad to see the mindless lemmings get shat on by the democrats and then turn around and open up their wallets and give up more votes. It’s sadder still to see so many people who accept living on a plantation and projecting their hatred on others. It’s sadder to see so many people who are so miserable with themselves that they desperately try to seek validation from those who screw them over on a daily basis.

  • tjr101


    “It’s sadder to see so many people who are so miserable with themselves that they desperately try to seek validation from those who screw them over on a daily basis.”

    You’re right! Gay Republicans truly love getting screwed by their party.

  • whatever

    @TGC: Right. Let me repeat Republitard/conservative talking points about the war and poltics and pretend I am not one. GTFO with that bullshit.

    “Plantation” is pretty much a conservative dog whistle against minorities who don’t vote the way you want them to.

  • TGC

    @whatever: “Plantation” is pretty much a conservative dog whistle against minorities who don’t vote the way you want them to.

    Actually “plantation” is an apt description for those who trade liberty and freedom for the comfort of perpetual collective victim hood. You’re “kept” on the plantation by liberals who convince you that everybody EXCEPT them are the racist, sexist, bigot homophobes. When they expose their racism and homophobia, you choose to keep your thumb up your ass and ignore it. When you see REAL oppression and execution of gays carried out by Islamo-fascists, you ignore it in the name of tolerance™.

    Whenever Gay Inc. gets a little too uppity for their massuhs comfort, they’re thrown a trivial bone to gnaw on. When election time rolls around, they pay attention to you, pat you on the head and tell you what a good little faggot you are and you cream yourself and open your wallets. THAT takes self loathing. Especially when you side with communist unions in an effort to throw fellow gays under the bus.

  • TGC

    And who the hell are you and Gay Inc. to whine about not voting the correct way? When you trash Republican and Conservative gays and smear Lucas as an “Islamophobe”, you’re demonstrating that the “gay community” is a fraud that only exists for guys you hope to get in the sack with and that the rainbow flag is completely meaningless. I, frankly, don’t care how you vote. I just don’t get how you can trade freedom for tyranny and lip service of your selfish “needs”. I don’t understand how Gay Inc. can use buzz words like “gay community” with obvious, overt, narrow definitions of what exactly that entails.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Jeff: @Michael C.:

    It may be wrong to hate a people, but it is not wrong to hate their belief system. There is nothing wrong with hate, in and of itself. But that hate must be justified. And Michael Lucas’s hatred of Islam is as justified as the hatred of Christianity of many of the posters here. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Michael Lucas is a hero for standing up to NazIslam. Using the made-up word “Islamophobia” is as absurd as saying “Naziphobia” or “Klanophobia”.

    If Muslims were white southerners who shopped at Wal-Mart and never missed an episode of Hee Haw, you’d be cheering him on. Because only white Westerners can be bigots.

    @tomas: Queerty is a cesspool of racists and Muslim-lovers. They have no right to call anyone a bigot.

  • whatever

    @TGC: nice talking points, dittohead. you are a good conservative, spouting the usual blather about freedom and tyranny and liberty when those words are particularly meaningless coming from a conservative, almost orwellian.

  • Lisa

    I think a name change is in order: GOPandering

  • TGC

    @whatever: The irony, here, is that “Orwellian” is another one of those liberal Newspeak words they bastardize the meaning of and toss around so they sound mucher am smart. Others include “racist”, “Islamophobe”, “bigot” etc. Of course it’s nothing more than projecting their own inborn hatred on others.

    Huge fraud FAIL, Whatever.

  • Tom in Lazybrook


    I challenge Mr. Lucas’ American patriotism. And his support of the Gay community.

    I charge that he supports the anti-gay Isreali settler movement (West Bank – Shas) more than he supports the USA.

    I also charge that he hasn’t done a damn thing to support employment non-discrimination protections by hanging out with people who think its is great to fire someone just because they are gay.

    In short, IMHO, he is little more than a hustler.

  • vinnyc

    @TGC: If all of us here agree to dislike the Muslims will you come back? Are you personally being persecuted by the Muslims? or looking for a Muslim BF? or maybe adopt a Muslim kid? If the answer is No, then why the hell are you running around with your panties in a knot.Ever heard of the story of a Bird in a tree which lured a mongoose to kill the snake terrorizing its chicks, only after killing the snake the mongoose ate the chicks also.
    In the war between the Christian Nazis vs the Islamic talibans there are no winners, Because they are soul brothers except one shaves and wear suits. Now will you come back.?

  • Soupy

    It makes me laugh to here anyone use “communist” as a descriptor. It’s so McCarthy.

  • TGC

    @vinnyc: I have no idea wtf you’re talking about. Christian Nazis? What????

    I’m merely trying to wrap my head around the concept of gay liberal douche nozzles who have to invent oppressors in the Republican party and yet circle the wagons around those who really do oppress gays and women.

  • Cassandra

    “who have to invent oppressors in the Republican party”

    Oh, so we invented Rick Santorum?

    Now TGC, it is pathetically clear that you are republican middle school little boy playing games. An adult would know that the ‘invent oppressors’ nonsense would get him laughed at from GLBTQ people who know about:
    Jesse Helms
    Anita Bryant
    John Briggs
    Lyndon LaRouche
    Pat Buchanan
    Roy Ashburn
    Sheri Drew
    Anne Coulter
    Brian Brown
    Mark Souder
    Anthony Scalia
    the George’s Bush
    Karl Rove
    Bill Frist
    John Cornyn
    Keith King
    Ed Gillespie
    James Dobson
    Donald Wildmon
    Ronald Reagan
    Sarah Palin
    Darrell Issa
    Pete Wilson
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    George Deukmejian
    Edward L. Schrock
    Meg Whitman
    pretty much the entire Texas GOP
    Sharron Angle
    Chris Rants
    Paul McKinley
    George Rekers
    Paul Stanley
    Tim Scott
    Richard Nixon
    Rick Perry
    Larry Craig
    Rush Limbaugh
    FOX news
    John McCain
    J.D. Hayworth
    Cecil Ash
    Trish Groa
    Nancy Salmon
    Michael Duff
    Laura Knaperick
    Bradlee Dean
    Tom Emmer
    Jason Priest

    (in no particular order, list is far from comprehensive)

    and on and on and on. There’s no need for GLBTQ people to invent “oppressors in the Republican party” because there are hundreds of them already.

    The Republican party has been actively oppressing GLBT people for many decades. I understand that though you clearly have only just finished your first decade you won’t know about that history, but with google available, you have no excuse for ignorance.

    As for huge fails, the hugest fail of all is ban accurate, communicative words like bigot, racist, Islamophobe, and of course Orwellian (when you finally reach high school you’ll have to read some of George Orwell’s books by the way) from a discussion simply because they articulate a truth you cannot refute.

    Stay off the internet until you get an education, quit parroting Rush Drug Addict Limbaugh, and save the lies for the professionals in the Republican party.

  • TGC

    @Cassandra: Sorry, Cassie, but choosing to be a perpetual victim, imagining fake oppressors while ignoring REAL ones, choosing to stay crushed under the heel and bitch slapped around by the liberals etc. isn’t very “adult”. You can’t declare people you just don’t like as “homophobes” while giving a pass to the bigots who have the magic D after their names. That’s not adult, that’s just being an inconsistent, lying, hypocritical bitch.

    And let us not forget that “Rush Drug Addict Limbaugh” demonstrated what a complete ASS Harry Reid is. That should be embarrassing as hell, no?

  • vinnyc

    TGC- Totally Gone Case.
    WTF are you talking about liberal gay oppressors? and what exactly does a conservative Gay man entitle ?
    I thought your issue was only with Islamophobia, but clearly your Stockholm Syndrome is incurable. Maybe you are just enjoying the attention of being” different ” in a already different group. Or maybe you are just a effing Racist, Period. Whatever, you wont be hearing from me again. But i now know what draws specimens like you to join Right groups and then complain that they are being oppressed by liberals. Reality check ,a true liberal does not oppress anyone that’s all done by right wingers. Do yourself a favor -Stop whining you sound like Carrie prejean defending her ” moral values”.

  • rjp

    @ron: Understand this: LOOK UP ELITISM in the dictionary.

    Now that elitist gays have a chance to be accepted by elitist society they are jumping at the chance.

  • whatever

    @TGC: haha, i knew you were a fucking dittohead! and you mean the same harry reid who will defeat the moronic teabagger, sharrrrron angle?

  • whatever

    @vinnyc: yup. white male grievance and victimhood is part and parcel of modern conservatism. if you are conservative today, you must believe that minorities, women, immigrants, gays, atheists, liberals, etc. are the reason “real americans” can get ahead, despite being the numerical majority.

    chistians cannot pray anywhere, whites can’t get a job because immigrants and minorities are taking them via affirmative action policies, etc.

    and you must be a afraid of muslims. depite making up a whopping 2% of the population, they are taking over. they have taken over europe already (despite making up 3% of the euro population).

    fear and grievance are articles of faith to a conservative. must be nice going through life shitting in your pants at the thought of perceived enemies and walking around with a huge white chip on your shoulder.

    where do i sign up to the conservative whiny ass titty baby?

  • TGC

    @vinnyc: WTF are you talking about liberal gay oppressors?

    Why the very same who are the only ones to pass two pieces of national anti-gay legislation in the past 30 years. The same ones who keep you on the plantation by convincing you that everybody ELSE is out to get you. The same ones who keep you in your perpetual victim class and virtually ignore you until they need to ass rape you for votes and/or cash at which point you’ll give it up like a good bitch should. The same ones who throw you a tiny bone from the table if you get too uppity.

    Whatever, you won’t be hearing from me again.

    “God keep your ladyship still in that mind! so some gentleman or other shall ‘scape a predestinate scratched face.”

  • TGC

    @whatever: grievance is part and parcel of modern conservatism.

    Oh good. Instead of shutting up, you come back with angry, narcissistic projection. Classic hate-filled liberal douchebaggery, especially when your losing. How about topping it off with some form of absurd moral equivalency?

  • vinnyc

    @whatever: Good one dude. Now that i understand this disease called ” Gay Republiklans” and that there is no way we can agree, can we request all those quarterwits to please have their own website and leave us alone. I promise i wont even google to see what website.
    Or can Qweerty have a different entry portal for them and us… Wait.. i am turning into a republiklan now. This is what happens when we throw stones into the the Sewer, We get crap all on us. Better to totally ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. Although i wish Qweerty had a ignore button.

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    I just love how I can keep fooling them to work on my plantation for free. GOP is out to get you! Look out! Vote for your fierce advocate!

  • Cassandra

    Sorry, Cassie, but choosing to be a perpetual victim, imagining fake oppressors while ignoring REAL ones, choosing to stay crushed under the heel and bitch slapped around by the liberals etc. isn’t very “adult”.

    True, TGC, neither you nor the Republican party act like adults.

  • TGC

    @vinnyc: Or can Qweerty have a different entry portal for them and us… Wait.. i am turning into a republiklan now.

    Nope. Total liberal thought: Insulate yourself from people you don’t like and surround yourself with fellow choir singers as much as possible. You won’t find “different entry portals” on the Republican and conservative sites. Don’t forget, the Klan belongs to the party of slavery and segregation.

  • whatever

    @TGC: shutting up? conservatives really love freedom of speech, don’t they? ::pontificates about freedom, liberty, blank stare, drools::

    shorter you: “You have modern conservatism pegged, and I have no response. So let me blather on with ad homs and mindlessly regurgitate what the fat man on the radio tol’ me” megadittoes!!!

    Conservative argumentation–so easy a caveman could do it!

  • TGC

    @whatever: shutting up?

    I misread your reply to vinnyc. I thought the comment was from him after he had said that we wouldn’t be hearing from him again. That’s my bad.

    and mindlessly regurgitate what the fat man on the radio tol’ me

    Oh God no. I can’t listen to Ed “The Chins” Schultz scream at, and hang up on, people who have differing opinions. He’s like listening to finger nails on a chalkboard. That and his meltdown threatening to burn down 30 Rock. At least Rush lets liberals make idiots of themselves in front of millions. Unless, of course, they lie about what he said.

    My but you get more and more buffoonish as you go along.

  • whatever

    @TGC: oh poor persecuted rush. mean old libs lie about what he says. he didn’t say black qbs are the product of affirmative action. he didn’t say the wretched things that were recorded on his programs. all liberal lies. waah. waah. waah.

    wow. you do a great job of defending your jowly messiah.

    and ed who? talk radio is for nursing home olds and retards who don’t know how to use a computer. you won’t catch me or anyone on the bright side of 35 listening to any of these screechers regularly.

    listening to rush must to give you great enjoyment, grandpa. don’t let me harsh that. :)

  • TGC

    @whatever: he didn’t say black qbs are the product of affirmative action.

    No, he didn’t. He said, essentially, that the media holds Donovan McNabb to a different standard than white QBs. The black fellows on the show with him didn’t scream “raaaaacist!”. It was the liberal media that blew it up and lied about it. It was also a liberal who fabricated a comment he allegedly made, and the liberal media conflated it, when he was trying to buy into the St. Louis Rams.

    Don’t doubt me. You’re just digging deeper and deeper into a pit of dumb.

  • whatever

    aww. good little geriatric dittohead. you’re defending your fat messiah well and using his spin. bless your li’l heart. :)

    he brought the race card into this discussion. it had nothing to do with race at all. typical of conservatives to get caught with hand in the cookie jar, and blame everyone but themselves. the cult of conservative victimhood…

  • TGC

    @whatever: good little geriatric dittohead.

    Thirty-seven is “geriatric”? Dumber and dumber.

    you’re defending your fat messiah

    He’s not really that fat. Ed Schultz, however, is. His TV and radio ratings aren’t though. First I’m a little kid in middle school, now I’m geriatric. If the best an “adult” can do, when they’re losing, is fall back on someone’s weight, I’ll have none of it. Dumber and dumber.

    well and using his spin. bless your li’l heart.

    That’s not “his spin”, it’s reality and truth. You can take your blessing, lube it up and climb on it.

    typical of conservatives to get caught with hand in the cookie jar, and blame everyone but themselves.

    Perhaps he should have expressed his surprise that McNabb is so “articulate and clean” or that he doesn’t have a “Negro dialect”? Or maybe Rush should have stolen his credit report or drawn a cartoon depicting him as a “house nigger”? Too bad he’s not Jewish or from NYC. Rush could then say that he’s a “Diamond merchant” from “Hymietown”.

    The cult of liberal racism, hatred and bigotry, except everybody ELSE is the raaaaacist! Dummer and dummer.

    P.S. Just to piss in your Cheerios, I listen to Rush MAYBE 30 minutes a week.

  • vinnyc

    @whatever: You know if you ever drop into site called stormfront, all the contributors speak just like this TGC character. I think that this guy is Republiklan who just happens to be Gay and not vice versa. Too sad! Maybe we can raise some money and sponsor him to one of those Conversion therapies, then we can finally get rid of him. Damn, those things are not guaranteed.
    You think you can find a place in this world where we can be free from this Vile, repugnant specimens. They are like Wet blankets, spoil everything.Fungus!!

  • TGC

    @vinnyc: I thought we weren’t going to be hearing from you. Pity. You seem to be keen on digging into Whatever’s pit of dumb.

    You know if you ever drop into site called stormfront,

    Something else I’m unfamiliar with. First prostitution and now white supremacists. My, you do get around. Could you please provide examples to back up your claim? Are there many articles, or is it just comments, how Islamo-fascists are a real threat to gays? I shouldn’t think, offhand, that they’d be particularly interested, but I wouldn’t know what they write about.

    I think that this guy is Republiklan who just happens to be Gay and not vice versa. Too sad!

    Nope. Not a registered Republican. You guys love to ASSume, don’t you. And what’s “too sad” about just happening to be gay? There’s really nothing to be proud of being a selfish bitch playing identity politics.

    They are like Wet blankets, spoil everything.Fungus!!

    Wouldn’t have been easier to just write “you won”?

  • malabar

    Obama is against gay marriage. Dick Cheney is for it. gay libs want u to vote based on 1 issue that their leader doesnt even support. the last thng libs want is tolerant and inclusive repubs, it ruins the portrait theyve wrkd so hard to paint. repubs arent perfect. theyre just not nearly as weak and irresponsible as dems are. i am gay and latino and both groups are not owned by either party.

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    @malabar: I am still the fierce advocate! Yes We Scam!

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