Am. Int. Demands Trannie Justice

While someone dolls out electronic justice against Perez Hilton, Amnesy International seeks actual justice in the NYPD’s handling of a hate crime against a transgender woman named Christina Sforza.

Sforza claims that she was assaulted back in July by an employee at a Fifth Avenue McDonald’s. It seems that the employee grew irate after Sforza took a little too long in the bathroom. Upon exiting, she says, the man hit her repeatedly with a lead pipe.

When New York’s “finest” arrived at the scene Sforza maintains they refused to listen to her side of the story and arrested her, instead. Though the assault charges were dropped yesterday, Sforza and Amnesty want a full investigation into the matter.

365 Gay

“The NYPD needs to conduct an immediate and impartial investigation into the incident – and hold accountable anyone found responsible for abuses,” said Michael Heflin, director of OUTfront, Amnesty International USA’s program on LGBT human rights.

“If Sforza’s allegations are substantiated, these are serious human rights violations. The allegations of mistreatment by police are especially troubling because they fit a pattern of abuses that Amnesty International has documented.”

No word yet if the coppers will take Amnesty up on their offer.