America’s Hottest Bartenders: You Call The Shots

America's Hottest Bartenders

AOL Cityguide truly undertook an tough mission: scoping out the nation’s hottest bartenders. Off they went to New York, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, and other urban epicenters to find the stiffest drink that matches the hardest abs.

So who would we enjoy to get dirty (martinis) with? Here in New York, we’re voting for Therapy’s Brandon, and not because he braves the Midtown masses without a shirt on — but because he’s actually poured us a drink once or twice before. In Boston, Washington Square Tavern’s Dermot has our vote and, while all the Los Angeles boys are too pretty, it’s Busby’s Spencer that’s got us hankering for a double. Meanwhile, there’s a reason we don’t visit D.C. much.

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