America’s Hottest Bartenders: You Call The Shots

America's Hottest Bartenders

AOL Cityguide truly undertook an tough mission: scoping out the nation’s hottest bartenders. Off they went to New York, Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, and other urban epicenters to find the stiffest drink that matches the hardest abs.

So who would we enjoy to get dirty (martinis) with? Here in New York, we’re voting for Therapy’s Brandon, and not because he braves the Midtown masses without a shirt on — but because he’s actually poured us a drink once or twice before. In Boston, Washington Square Tavern’s Dermot has our vote and, while all the Los Angeles boys are too pretty, it’s Busby’s Spencer that’s got us hankering for a double. Meanwhile, there’s a reason we don’t visit D.C. much.

America’s Hottest Bartenders [AOL Cityguide]

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  • Ruben

    Okay Queerty, what the fuck? Me thinks I’ve had it and that you need to stop the Aryan one size fits all crack ya’ll seem to be enjoying. As a Washingtonian, I found your reference to DC a bit obnoxious. Correction: I found your reference to DC obnoxious and typical (most of us would rather witness obnoxious and original than obnoxious and typical…a concept something the site has had difficulty in grasping lately). “Meanwhile, there’s a reason we don’t visit D.C. much.” First thought, suck my balls. Then I think, well why doesn’t Queerty visit DC much? I click on the link. In the immortal words of Bernice from Designing Woman…”Black man black man!” So yah, what the fuck Queerty? I checked on the other cities. NY. Fairly typical cute anglo boy, check. Boston. Check. LA. Check. DC….what this? Bernice? “Black man black man!” Yes, blah blah blah its because that black man was ugly (don’t get me started on that one in relation to your site’s beauty worship)… or it wasn’t intentional, just like it wasn’t intentional a few weeks ago you displayed a pedophilic softcore pornparade of 13 year old boys in Speedos. Seriously though, come on. Move beyond your constant worship of TYPICAL. And flippin lay off DC! Maybe the reason you don’t visit DC much is not because of your inane fear our diverse bartenders, even the ugly ones, but because we really don’t want ya here. (And if you’re one those those arse wipes that constantly compares DC to NY…word of advice. STOP. I’ve lived in Los Angeles. I’ve lived in Austin. And I’ve lived in London, and I’ve seen France, and I’ve seen your tired Ginch Gonch underpants. You can’t compare the cities! Comparing DC, pop. 500k, to NYC, pop. 8 MILLION, is like comparing a 13 year old boy in a Speedo on your website to Martha Wash singing at gay parade. “But Martha Wash is bigger!” No shit!) Anyway, baaaad Queerty. Baaaad Queerty. Go to your cage.

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