Amtrak Launches LGBT Microsite And Travel Blog

o-GAY-AMTRAK-AD-II-570Amtrak has been a longtime supporter of the LGBT community, as well as other minority groups, so in order to connect these riders with travel plans specific to them, it has launched three new microsites: Descubre Norte America, My Black Journey, and Amtrak Ride With Pride.

So far Ride With Pride is off to a good start. Mark Mastro, the editor of Amtrak’s LGBT blog, gives a warm welcome, letting you know that your “travel experience should be unique as you are.” There’s even an article on Tips and Tricks for LGBT Students, including how to deal with belligerent roommates and being out on campus.

Obviously there are deals up in there because much like a rent boy, Amtrak is in the business of selling rides.

Amtrak launched its Ride with Pride campaign last year and this new editorial component comes just in time for the holidays. Luckily, you can drink on their trains so there’s at least one bright spot in going home this Thanksgiving.

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  • KDub

    What’s next, separate water fountains for gays? How about incorporating all these groups into the main site instead of segregating?

  • youngtan88

    I think this is quite a good idea actually. Some people might complain about segregating LGBT people but sometimes they prefer to be as straight companies can still discriminate, even if its subtle or they’re not aware of it, simply by generalising everyone as being straight. They also usually have little understanding of different needs or preferences that LGBT people have, even if they say they’re “gay-friendly” – another good example of a LGBT company that targets this market because of the lack of focus straight ones put on the LGBT community is Gay Homestays.

  • the other Greg

    I was unaware of this and have bookmarked the site. @KDub: Amtrak can be a little *exotic* for those who’ve never tried it before, &/or aren’t even familiar with commuter rail where they live (which is different all over the country, anyway). It helps to know what to expect. I know the drill with the Northeast Corridor & vicinity, and a little with the Midwest – but some of my friends panic about it and want advice so it’ll help to send them to this site.

    I think an airline might consider doing this too! I’m no stranger to flying BUT I only do it every two years or so… and it always seems that TSA has changed the whole fucking routine in the interim and is barking unfamiliar gibberish, and everybody at the airport acts like everybody flies all the time.

  • asby

    has anyone actually road on an amtrak recently?….i used to travel from chicago to purdue (in indiana) for work once a month….and i can say that not only the crowd at the amtrak station ..but most of the crowd on the train …..was rather scary….i could not imagine a gay couple having a jolly ole time riding an amtrak thru some back woods farm country …going to places that u really can not get too unless u drive….next….lets have the gays on vacation on greyhound!!!…

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