An Encounter With Rosie

There are two sides to all celebrities: The squeaky-clean images forced upon the public by PR reps and their actual personalities. To provide you with a glimpse into the real Hollywood characters are Mollygood’s very own readers, telling tales of celebrity encounters big and small.

Up this week: Sarah’s retail experience with Rosie O’Donnell.


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  • Ed

    No slight intended for Queerty (& Mollygood) but it’s dumb to pretend to know what anyone is like through some readers supposed interactions. Who even cares- not to mention what does is mean anyway? If Queerty wants to follow the shallow route then there are better nonsense pieces to pursue (although elevating the discourse might be nice)…

  • crazylove

    Agree with Ed. She maybe a bitch or not, but I am not going to base it on one eye witness account or lack therefore if this person is just making shit up.

  • Nitesurf

    Rosie has ALWAYS come off nasty and mean spirited, I think this is probably an accurate account.

  • Smokey Martini

    Maybe she was having a bad day. Big whoop. Don’t we all?

  • tracy johnson

    How dare that awful shoe saleslady help her with shoes!!!

  • dvlaries

    ” Private faces in public places
    Are wiser and nicer
    Than public faces in private places.”
    – W.H. Auden

    Some of the blame here is our own. This is what habitually happens when, because we admire some celebrities’ talent, we lull ourselves into thinking we know anything about the general, commonplace qualities in them that ordinally make a worthwhile person. Only that live-in, hired help who must answer her ‘yes and no, Miss O’Donnell,’ as well as any financially dependent relatives –the people from whom Rosie has nothing to gain by being a decent human being, except virtue being its own reward- can say they truly know who she is. And only if we could be a fly on the wall to observe those interactions, can we.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    So, what is the point of this one-sided post? Maybe Rosie had a migraine. Who cares about this? I have worked many retail jobs in the past and some of the “beloved GAY celebrities” are horrible (Fred Schnieder of B52s and Elton John) Some stores are openly disdainful of customers who are Fat, Gay, another race (Whites are so hated in New York!) or physically disabled. To quote Edwina Monsoon from Absolutely Fabulous to a Snooty Shopgirl “Drop the attitude, you only work in a Shop!”

    Rosie is an Out Gay supporter of Gay and Progressive causes but we can’t spend time on celebrities who are homophobes? Really, what is the Queerty agenda? They are lesbi-phobic, transphobic, fan the flames of racism and covet skinny Eurotrash-looking boy models. Oh, they’re the New York Snarky Media!!! Janet Webb should be ashamed of raising such jaded pathetic soul-less hate-filled queers! So Log Cabin!!!!

  • Smokey Martini

    Something also tells me the clerk wasn’t all that successful in containing her excitement when realizing that Rosie walked into her store. FAR too much emphasis is placed on how she made an effort to treat Rosie “like a ‘normal’ person… like any other ‘normal’ person to enter the store.”

    I bet she screamed like a little girl, urging the bodyguards (and Rosie) to shut her up once they reached the counter. Of course, you won’t see Sarah admit she acted like a pussy, since there’s an obvious attempt to paint Rosie like a bitch. Not that Rosie isn’t known to be a bitch, but what’s the point of pointing it out YET AGAIN and making a news story out of it? What a waste of goddamn space, Queerty!

  • JohnnyWicked

    Even if this is true, so what? Rosie doesn’t have to be nice all of the time. No celebrity does. In fact, this encounter with shoe girl pales in comparison to the way I have seen celebs like Demi Moore and others act. Now if Ro had called the girl’s manager or the home office and tried to get her fired, that would be a bitch. But that is not what happened is it? It seems that the more outspoken a celeb is the more shit like this they have to have thrown at them.

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