An Open Call For Bottoms to Share Their Tale

In a bid to become the Eve Ensler of receiving ends, Michigan health activist Trevor Hoppe is putting together The Bottom Monologues, which is exactly what you think it is — and needs your help. Trevor is asking people to submit their own stories about being a bottom, doing a bottom or what ‘being a bottom’ means to you, which he will take collate together and use to create a show that will undoubtedly pack the theatre’s full of gay guys. You may want to snicker, but if you think about it for a second, it’s a ballsy and brilliant idea.

You can submit your story between now and March. [via GMSC]

Hoppe explains the process a little more on his site:

“Basically, what we’re trying to do is collect stories. After we’ve gotten the submissions, we’ll pour over them to look for: 1) similarities across your narratives; 2) any major differences that emerge; and 3) particularly exciting or provocative stories. From there, we’ll do our best to build “composite characters” — basically distillations of dozens of men’s stories all wrapped up into one package.”