Andrew “I Don’t Like Mens No More” Caldwell Speaks To Jimmy Kimmel About Having FroYo Thrown In His Face By A Lesbian

If there’s one thing Andrew “I Don’t Like Mens No More” Caldwell seems to be especially good at, it’s finding creative ways to keep his name in the press.

His most recent stunt involved having a bowl of frozen yogurt thrown in his face by a store employee after allegedly calling her a bitch for not giving him a discount. (Caldwell claims he called her a dog, not a bitch. There’s a difference.)

“The bowl hit me all on my face, on my clothes, on my shoes! Everywhere!” Caldwell told his local news station shortly after the incident.

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Now, the “delivered” former homosexual has gone on Jimmy Kimmel to discuss that terrible day.

Caldwell told Kimmel that he plans on writing a negative Yelp review about the store and is considering suing for “a couple millions” as well.

He also said it was a good thing he didn’t order hot fudge on his frozen yogurt because if he had “my skin would’ve been burnt!”

And as for the possibility of making up and maybe even befriending the cashier, Caldwell said that’s never going to happen, although if she apologized, he would offer his forgiveness, because that’s the Christian thing to do.

“Praise the Lord,” he preached.

Check out the interview below.