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Andrew Shirvell + Chris Armstrong Now Free To Attend Wolverines Games Together

Under the threat of a lawsuit, the University of Michigan says it updated an order prohibiting Andrew Shirvell from stepping foot on campus. New restrictions against the assistant state attorney general can be on campus, but cannot talk to student body president Chris Armstrong or attend any event where Armstrong is — except college sporting events, which means Shirvell better figure out a way to smuggle a video camera in his pom-poms if he has any hope of relaunching Chris Armstrong Watch. If Shirvell violates the order he can be charged with trespassing. Awww, such good news to celebrate on the day before Shirvell faces disciplinary hearings back at the office.

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    If you saw the Daily Show segment featuring an interview with Shitwell, it is so very obvious he is without a doubt mentally unstable. He clearly stated he is completley unfamiliar with the policies and procedures of the office of which he is an official. He is an obsessed and deranged stalker and a clear danger to the well being of Chris Armstrong.

    The absolute loathing of the Gay community by some elected officials is beyond comprehension. For the Atorrney general to have alowed this lunatic to be on his staff for so long after this obsession of a grown man with a barely legal college student has been exposed is a clear derelection of his duties as the AG of the state. I truly hope we never see that there will be a lot of persons facing charges as indirect accesorites to manslaughter……….

  • Polyboy

    Armstrong had better get a concealed carry permit.

  • Nick

    Thank you Queerty for keeping us up to date on this case.

  • chrs

    Me thinks he doth protest too much!! and +1 on the handgun.

  • wompman

    I’ve said it before, and the “Daily Show” segment only reinforced it — the only place Shirvell belongs is in a high-security Mental Institution. For a long time. He is clearly not a stable, mentally-well person. But since his target is only a gay person, then hell, just let him roam free, right? Ugh!

  • mulletkitty

    I don’t understand why Armstrong rescinded the request for the protection order, rather than let a judge decide if Shirvill’s behavior constituted stalking.

    He said it was b/c he had stopped contacting him since filing the request, but why does that matter? Having a judge rule in his favor would have helped in the disciplinary hearing and helped get this nutcase disbarred.

    Don’t appease bullies. They just get worse and worse…

  • Jake the libertarian

    @Polyboy: Damn right! Of course I think all gays should have those.

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