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Andy Cohen falls ill with Covid for second time, sends son to stay with nanny

Andy Cohen at the And Just Like That... premiere.
Andy Cohen (Photo: Shutterstock)

Andy Cohen has revealed that he fell ill for a second time with Covid-19. He first took ill in March 2020. He’s since been double vaccinated. He recently received his booster shot on Thursday, December 9, and then began to feel unwell.

At first, Cohen, 53, thought it was a reaction to the booster, but a couple of days later, he felt even worse. A test revealed he was positive again for Covid (the booster shot reaches its maximum efficiency at least a couple of weeks after being administered, so this sounds like a case of bad timing on Cohen’s part).

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Cohen revealed his illness on Monday on his SiriusXM show. He was absent from the show last week, and this explains why.

“I thought I was sick from the booster, that I was having a reaction to the booster. And then two days later, I was like, ‘Wait a minute, this is quite a big reaction’. And I got pretty sick.”

He said he was on day 10 of his quarantine period, and had just had a negative PCR test, so would soon be able to reunite with his son, Benjamin, 2.

He said that at first he’d tried to isolate himself from his son within their home, but it didn’t work out. The youngster didn’t really understand the need to keep his distance.

​​”I quarantined in the house. The first day was really drought and he was really upset and he wanted to hug me so badly,” Cohen told his Radio Andy co-host John Hill. “Thankfully, what wound up happening was we tried cohabitating and he was not getting the message that he could not come near me and it was serious. It was really upsetting. And he wound up going out to Long Island with his nanny.”

“We quite literally separated,” Cohen said. “It was not pretty. It was not pretty.”

Thankfully, as shown on Cohen’s Instagram stories, Benjamin is now back at home with his daddy for Christmas and excited about Santa visiting.

Here’s hoping they both enjoy a wonderful, healthy, Christmas together.

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Early studies have shown that being double vaccinated offers some protection from serious illness if you become infected with the new Omnicron variant of Covid-19. However, the booster shot appears to significantly improve that protection