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Angela Stanton Knows Men Like Eddie Long. And She Knows Adults Who Protect These Monsters

Angela Stanton, a 33-year-old published author and single mother in Atlanta, says that when she was five “I was sexually molested by a family member.” When she woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, this man placed his hand over her mouth, told her to stay quiet or die, and “shoved his dick so far down my throat I remember throwing up.” When she gagged, he would punch her in the head until he … finished. When she told her mother and grandmother, Angela was told to never speak about the abuse. She eventually told a friend about the abuse, at age 9; that friend told Angela that Angela’s father was abusing her. Fast-forward to giving birth to five children (one of them in handcuffs; she was in prison) and ending up homeless with a rap sheet. My god. And then she heard about what Bishop Eddie Long allegedly did to at least four young men. And she can relate. Expose these people now, says Angela, “or these children will be ruined.”