Angry Alec Balwin Disses Daily News Editor As “English Queen”

Alec Baldwin’s having a bad week. Maybe it’s the unbearable heat in New York this week or maybe it’s just his natural “my daughter’s a thoughtless little pig” cantankerousness, but the 30 Rock star has let his feud with the New York Daily News get ugly.

Well, uglier.

Baldwin, a frequent foe of the paparazzi, was accused on Monday of punching a Daily News photographer outside the city Marriage License Bureau. On Wednesday, an Inside Edition reporter said the actor ran over his foot with his mountain bike.

Somehow with all that going on, Baldwin found time on Tuesday to tweet a potshot at the Daily News editor-in-chief, British  journalist Colin Myler:

“Her Highness Colin Myler… Please don’t do to the News what you did to NOTW…,” Baldwin tweeted, adding “Ever since that English Queen took over the Daily News, they lie like the Post…”

We’re not sure if Alec was referring to the News‘ reports of his shenanigans this week or perhaps to some discussions he’s having with thepaper regarding the photographer. Either way, it’s clear he’s not happy.

And really, Alec, neither are we. “English Queen”—that’s the best you could come up with? Maybe Tina Fey could have given you some witty barb about yellow journalism or dead-tree media.

Of course, Myler’s no sweet-smelling rose  himself. He previously edited the New York Post, before taking over England’s News of the World  in 2007. He presided over that paper during its scandalous phone-hacking days and left after it shuttered in 2011.  He was made top editor of the News in January.

Boy, between Dan Savage and Alec Baldwin, it’s just not safe for loudmouth liberals to get on Twitter these days.