WATCH: New Anti-Gay Children’s Book Teaches “God Made Mom & Dad”

Amber Dee Parker believes the children are our future. But in order for them to lead the way she’s really trying to teach them well. In that big Jesus-loving head of hers that means denying the existence of homosexuality and indoctrinating bigotry as soon as kids can point in shame.

In her new children’s book, God Made Mom & Dad, the protagonist, a young boy named Michael, learns the meaning of traditional families during a school trip to the zoo. Next thing you know, he’s talking to his dad about praying that his friend Jimmy and his two dads find their way to  the truth about how God made them.

Dr. Seuss this is not, unless we’re talking about his long-lost book, One Gay, Two Gays, You’re Both Going to Hell.

(h/t: Good As You)