Apparently Everyone Misunderstood Tracy Morgan’s “Stab My Gay Son” Joke

During a June stand-up routine in Nashville, comedian man-child Tracy Morgan said that he would stab his son if he turned out gay. Immediately GLAAD and the HRC shit a brick and Tracy began his public weeks-long apology parade to make it up to the gays.

Now, months later, he’s on David Letterman calling it all “a big misunderstanding.” Uh… no.

Morgan obviously doesn’t want to relive or repeat calling homosexuality a choice and stabbing his hypothetical gay son, but by implying that his audience “misunderstood” his intentions, he foists the fault on the offended rather than the offender. But hearing his statements on Letterman, one wonders whether Morgan’s ordeal helped him understand the real-world consequences of his anti-gay “joking” at all.