Are Bottoms More Promiscuous Than Tops?

F16TSpQ9_400x400“I’ve always believed that bottoms have more fun,” blogger Jerry Plaza writes in a new op-ed published by “We’re able to tease, please and squeeze our way into sexual situations necessary for us to be a part of. After all, if there isn’t a man willing to bend over backwards, penetration is out of the question.”

Plaza, a self-proclaimed “power bottom,” says that when it comes to red hot gay lovin’, bottoms hold most of the cards.

“Most of the time, bottoms don’t need to seek out sex,” he writes. “Guys are drawn to us like a moth to a flame. … Go to the dance club and see for yourself, or better yet change the preference on your Grindr or online dating profile to ‘Power Bottom’ and see how many more messages you receive.”

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But does having seemingly unlimited access to so many hot and horny guys make bottoms more likely to be promiscuous?

“For whatever reason, the world sees bottoms as more sex-hungry than tops or versa tiles,” Plaza says, “and it’s time to start asking ourselves why.”

“Why is it we’re considered sluts when we’re constantly getting played by horny tops looking to get in our jocks?” Plaza wonders. “Perhaps it’s time to look in the mirror from both sides. Just because we’re the ones who have to bend over doesn’t mean we’re the ones seeking it, though I admit, top-teasing comes in handy sometimes.”

“The truth is, promiscuity lies within the person, not their sexual position.”

What do you think? Are bottoms more promiscuous than tops? Vote in the poll below.

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