Straight Guy Tries Bottoming On Camera, Says “It Feels Pretty Good”

What would we do without Davey Wavey?

One of our favorite vloggers recently met up with a straight guy named Donald to talk about bottoming. More specifically, to get Donald’s informed opinion on what it feels like to be anally penetrated.

Armed with paper towels, toilet paper and lube, Donald is given a butt plug and put into a “butt booth.” Upon inserting the plug into his derriere, he makes a sudden jolt of pleasure before saying: “You know, I would say it feels pretty good because I’m starting to get hard.”

Then he describes “this weird magical spot in there that you wouldn’t expect to feel good.”

When asked afterwards if inserting a plug into his butt suddenly turned him gay, Donald replies: “No, that didn’t happen. I didn’t turn to a leprechaun or anything like that.”

“And I think that’s the whole point,” says Davey Wavey. “This is all about pleasure and not about sexual orientation.”

Check out the video below.

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