Straight Guy Tries Bottoming On Camera, Says “It Feels Pretty Good”

What would we do without Davey Wavey?

One of our favorite vloggers recently met up with a straight guy named Donald to talk about bottoming. More specifically, to get Donald’s informed opinion on what it feels like to be anally penetrated.

Armed with paper towels, toilet paper and lube, Donald is given a butt plug and put into a “butt booth.” Upon inserting the plug into his derriere, he makes a sudden jolt of pleasure before saying: “You know, I would say it feels pretty good because I’m starting to get hard.”

Then he describes “this weird magical spot in there that you wouldn’t expect to feel good.”

When asked afterwards if inserting a plug into his butt suddenly turned him gay, Donald replies: “No, that didn’t happen. I didn’t turn to a leprechaun or anything like that.”

“And I think that’s the whole point,” says Davey Wavey. “This is all about pleasure and not about sexual orientation.”

Check out the video below.

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  • Aranos

    If that guy’s straight, I’m straight too! LOL

  • Southstguy

    This guy is as straight as Davey Wavey.

  • Clark35

    This guy is as heterosexual as Tammy Cruise and Revolta are!

    FYI putting a toy up the culo is not bottoming as it’s not the real thing.

  • tdh1980

    Does he really not know that that pleasure spot is his prostate? I mean, even straight men know about the prostate and understand how it works, don’t they? And that looks more like a prostate massager than a butt plug.

  • Shanestud

    It’s the plucked eye brows that give him away.

  • McShane

    “I don’t feel gaaay” I have a hunch that this guys silk Ascot collection feels differently.

  • Kieran

    Maybe to Helen Keller he could pass for straight.

  • Giancarlo85

    Lol… This guy isn’t straight. And Davey Wavey annoys me.

  • MarionPaige

    Isn’t this like some Japanese Game Show?

  • stanhope

    LOL LOL he’ll be e guest bottom at a sex party near you soon. I once met this hot blonde “straight” guy who was delivering pizza. He was on strike from a construction site and was doing pizza delivery for income. Well I talked him into hanging out and even after 6 months of me getting all up in there over and over again (I remembered the admonition in Leon Isaac Kennedy’s movie Penitentiary) that you must set the booty up right…he was still claiming to be straight Now he wouldn’t kiss mind you but spread for the landing…hell yeah

  • dhmonarch89

    ever since I said the site should be grateful people post here, they’re moderating my responses- what a bunch of thin skinned a’wads!

  • CoachS

    OK… so… good. I thought I was the only one that had my gaydar indicator at “possibly not really straight”.

  • Pistolo

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • musctop

    Another desperate attempt by this site to keep Davey Wavey relevant for one more week.

  • Billy Budd

    The guy is definitely gay, but the idea and results of the experiment are insteresting (if we pretend it was honest). There is nothing gay abou using sex toys with your wife. Any sex toys.

  • cflekken

    This isn’t “bottoming”. The sensations, both pleasure and pain, of a larger/longer object, going in and out at an intense rate, is much different than this attempt. Basically, he had the same sensation of taking a decent-sized poop.

  • Giancarlo85

    @musctop: Yeah Davey wavey has been irrelevant for quite sometime. But was he ever really relevant to begin with? Just seems like an attention whore.

  • ItzSanjotBitch

    Unless he has verbally communicated that he is indeed gay, stop assuming things. It doesn’t make you any better than him and it’s not right to force someone into a category that they do not fall under just because you believe they do. Don’t be “Those” people, you know those homophobic bigots that believe that anyone showing feminine qualities is “gay”. There are such things as meterosexuals, fyi.

  • MarionPaige

    Davey Wavey is as relevant as SNL. What could be dumber than “my dick in a box”?

  • Captain Obvious

    “Straight” guy with eyebrows plucked harder than my sister’s. K, boo.

  • jwtraveler

    He CAN’T be straight. NO straight man would ever put anything up his ass. And if he wasn’t gay before, he’s gay now because nothing makes you gay like putting a sex toy in your ass and LIKING IT!

  • Giancarlo85

    So how was Davey’s porn career going? Thought he got into that? I guess that’s all the little attention hoe can do with himself lol.

  • Xzamilio

    Jeez… he’s pretty. Like “I would just look at him and go ‘he’s pretty'” pretty.

    @jwtraveler: Dude, shut up. You’ve clearly never heard of pegging.

  • Xzamilio

    @ItzSanjotBitch: Oh, no… we’re gay. We can judge others using ignorant stereotypes that we would be offended over if someone used it on us.

  • smittoons

    Calling Davey Wavey a favorite vlogger is grounds for not visiting this website on principle.

  • jwtraveler

    @Xzamilio: No I haven’t. Is she your girlfriend?

  • Cam

    So he is straight and NEVER had anything in there before but had no problem with a button plug?? Hmm guess all those bottoms who want a lot of prep work and say to go slow at first are lying because apparently analysis virgins can just stuff things up there.
    You know, or he and his plucked eyebrows are gayer than Lance Bass’s pool boy.

  • Cam


    Ugh, Butt and Anal. Auto-correct.

  • dhmonarch89

    since when is taking a small sex toy considered ‘bottoming’? To bottom- you have to have a guy topping.

  • Roan

    Straight is such a grey area these days.

  • Cam

    I didn’t realize that Derek from “The A List New York” was straight.

  • CoachS

    @ItzSanjotBitch: I think some of it speaks more to Davey Wavey manufacturing a “vlog” post by grabbing a gay dude and having him pretend he’s “totally straight”. It’s better for hits that way. He’s desperate for attention. “Straight guy bottoming” is more worthy of attention than “The guy I met last night at a club in WeHo puts a small prostate tickler in ON CAMERA… sort of”. I wouldn’t put it past him to hire an actor. (I’m not a hettie, but I play one on the youtubes).

  • Captain Obvious

    @Roan: Only on the internet.

  • Blackceo

    Sexuality is so fluid nowadays and you have more and more guys not feeling the need to submit to American ideals of masculinity that I find it actually harder to identify whether a guy is gay or not from stuff like this. Sometimes a guy is just pretty and takes care of his look and is open minded. Also, if plucked eyebrows are an indication to you that a man is gay, be very careful if you ever travel to Puerto Rico or any heavily populated Latino community in NY because most of the younger young Latino men, particularly my fellow Boricuas have their eyebrows waxed or lined up with clippers whenever they go to the barber shop. I know I do and I have some Arab friends who do it as well. Both straight and gay males do it so you can’t go on that as a clue.

    As for this Davey Wavey video, the thing that stood out to me the most was that gallon jar of lube. LOL OMG that was hilarious. I didn’t even know lube came in containers like that. Too bad they don’t sell that when I do my bulk shopping at SAMs Club.

  • Matt

    Davey’s a pervert and a bad representation of the gay community. Bottoms don’t have a vajayjay, so they fantasize they’re a woman experiencing penetration. Bottoms get into all the female positions and act like a woman with their legs spread. They say things a woman would say during penetration. Talk about emasculating oneself. If bottoming were that great every man on the planet would be one, and that has never or will ever be the case.

  • LovelyLabyrs

    The idea that a guy enjoyed using a butt plug, so they are gay is hilarious and makes no sense. It is just like saying that a straight guy who likes having anal sex with his gf is really a gay top.

    Or a lesbian whose partner uses a strap on is really heterosexual.
    Or a straight woman who likes cunnilingus is really a lesbian etc etc etc.

    There are things and there are places, and ones sexuality is not determind by how the things and places are used, but by the people using them.

  • Cesar Fortun

    He looks and sounds gay to me.
    He’s not straight.

  • Richard Holaday

    Please Davey Wavey, that man is FAR from straight ???

  • Loreal KC

    C’mon. Straight to the glory hole maybe.

  • Jason Noury

    Isn’t that kind of a contradiction?

  • Joseph Threlfall

    He’s straight???? Lol! Not with those eyebrows

  • Will Glitzern

    Davey Wavey hit me up for my credit card number. He was really insistent, even though I kept telling him “no thanks.”

  • BriBri

    It’s ok, a lot of us started out “straight”.

  • Jon Davis

    g spots are there for a reason dude…enjoy! lol

  • Robert D. Dittbenner

    Hands both up in the air “I don’t feel gay” Lol. That’s okay darling you can call yourself anything you want

  • Tillman Lambert

    It’s been years but yes it was awesome. Years??? Can’t believe it’s been that long? I’m pathetic!

  • William Mc Gregor

    Nothin new. A lot of straight men enjoy prostate stimulation.

  • Jeames Granger

    Can we say Metro ? and in L to A what man hasn’t had finger up his bottom.

    Now try this in Texas or South Carolina or one the southern states. Then we’ll have a real discussion. Keep up the clickbait videos Davey Wavey and you’ll stay where you are.

  • Karl Barton

    He is not straight !

  • Tab-Eric Varney

    Uh… no, he’s not str8 in any way. NOPE.

  • Matt Holly

    I identify as straight…I just happen to like sex with men too.

  • Dan Steele

    If he’s straight & not already a bottom, I must be 7′ tall.

  • Sterling Throckmorton

    Isn’t this the premise to like, every gay porno out there?

  • Roy Pyatt

    He’s as straight as Paul Lynde at a Liberace concert

  • Matt Courter

    How do you if he also enjoys being pegged by a woman ???

  • silveroracle

    Interesting experiment.

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