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What is a butt plug and how to safely use one? Your ultimate guide

There is a colorful world of anal sex toys to be discovered, but beginners will be wise to start with a butt plug. If you found yourself here, you’re likely wondering, what is a butt plug? 

The short answer is that they are intimate tools designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. But hold on to your prostate; we’re about to widen your horizons (and hole) with knowledge. 

So…what is a butt plug?

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Butt plugs are anal sex toys shaped like a cone, starting narrow and getting wider until narrowing again at the tip. Think like a parking cone, except there’s a closed flanged end to prevent it from getting lost inside the wonders of your anus.

You might think butt plugs sound like dildos, but they are meant to be left inserted, while dildos are used for back-and-forth penetration. We find either toy pleasurable, tbh, though butt plugs are handy for beginners to anal sex or anyone trying to loosen themselves up before bottoming.

Even the most insatiable anuses need stimulation when their partner is packing inches. And it’s not uncommon for people to stick a butt plug during masturbation sessions (some vibrate).

It’s literally never a wrong time to use anal sex toys when you have a prostate, an anatomical miracle! 

How to safely use a butt plug

Two different versions of a butt plug. one is more traditionally shaped like a spade, while the other has multiple levels of flare sizes.

Safety and comfort first, orgasm later! You’ll want to take into account what type of toy, hygiene, and lubrication. Inserting a foreign object inside your body is most definitely not the time to wing it.

You should know by now bigger doesn’t always mean better. It’s how you use it.

Picking the butt plug that’s right for you

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We can’t decide your preferences, but newbies to butt plugs, or anal toys in general, would be wise to start smaller and work their way up. Ambition is great, but having a practical strategy for penetrative sex is even better.

You’ll find different colors and variations of butt plugs, but always use a toy with a flared base, a large ring, or a pull cord. We must reiterate: you want to get lost in pleasure, and not vice versa.

Dildos don’t have this problem because you don’t relinquish your grip. Keep in mind the sex toy industry is not regulated, so you must take safety into your own hands. Buy nothing made from porous materials, which may not be body safe. Silicone is almost always your safest bet.

Practice hygiene before using a butt plug

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Before using a butt plug, you will want to prep. If you’ve bottomed before, carry out your typical routine.

If you’re an anal virgin, now’s the perfect time to figure out what that might entail. Typically, you’ll want to maintain a diet with fiber and give yourself time to douche or jump in the shower – the equation for mess- and stress-free butt action.

However, every gay’s pre-coitus regimen may vary depending on what works best for them. Hygiene goes for all accounts, only use sex toys that have been cleaned and regularly take steps to sanitize them immediately after use.  

Lubricate your butt plug before insertion

a clear dildo with lube dripping down it

We urge you to always use lube when putting anything inside your butt. The more, the merrier.

The rectum and anus are as delicate as they are pleasurable, and you risk tears or soreness without lubrication. Spit alone typically only works in porn or to reinforce rather than to support, if you catch our drift.

You can’t go wrong with a water-based lubricant, especially if you’re using silicone toys (silicone-based lubes degrade them faster – and not in a kinky way). Stick to reputable brands, and don’t be shy to ask your friends for recommendations.

Take your time inserting it and practice patience

Breathe in! Breathe out! Relax, it’s going to be fine, hopefully orgasmic. Now that you’ve properly lubricated the butt plug AND your hole, the next part might not feel natural initially, but that’s the point. Butt plugs are like test dummies for anuses.

Get in a comfortable position, such as your back or side, and spread your legs. And don’t clench!

The more uncomfortable you feel, the more uncomfortable the butt plug will feel. The secret to bottoming is truly to mentally accept and welcome every inch going inside of you.

And remember, no one becomes a master the first time. Practice makes for the happiest asses; soon enough, you’ll be begging for it. 

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How long can you wear a butt plug?

You may hear stories about people who wear butt plugs for hours at a time, maybe all day or overnight, but medical experts advise against wearing a butt plug for more than 30 minutes at a time.

“When someone wears a butt plug for long periods of time, the sphincter can get inflamed around the plug, making removal very difficult, if not impossible. Additionally, the surrounding anal and rectal tissues may also swell. As a result, you may find yourself with fissures, hemorrhoids, and other localized injuries.” 

So can you sleep with a butt plug in? Well, just because you could doesn’t mean you should.

None of the potential consequences sound like a good way to begin your bottoming journey, so it’s best to practice moderation and stick to recommended guidelines. That way, nothing will be stopping you from going to pound town. 

Do butt plugs feel good?

a naked man laying face down on a bed with his butt in the air but cropped off screen

Whether a butt plug feels good is genuinely up to you. If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, pleasure is in the inside of your anus.

If you weren’t already aware, stimulating the prostate can cause an orgasm. Countless individuals don’t just think using a butt plug feels good; they love it and actively use butt plugs in their sex lives. For others, butt plugs may not be their jam, and that’s okay too.

Beyond stimulation, there’s a feeling of “fullness” that people like. Others choose to pursue a more “top” route. The best way to find out is to try it for yourself safely.

And, of course, take that newfound wisdom and pass it on (or share this link) to the next generation of butt play enthusiasts. That’s right, the entire population could enjoy butt plugs.

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