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Are ‘Jeggings’ The New Penis Pants?

I’m no fashionista, but I’m pretty sure the laymen are not going to get on board with the “jeggings” showcased in Milan by Versace, Burberry Prorsum, and Emporio Armani. They’re a mix between “leggings” and “jeans,” and if you can fit into them, the only upside I can see is that they don’t reveal as much wang as Isabel Mastache’s trouser snake pants.

[Homme Fatal, Scottsdale Fashionisto]

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    And the difference between these and any other tight pair of jeans is……….??

  • ggreen

    They are cut just like ladies capri pants from the 1950’s, Given the trend in men’s clothing to fit and look just like women’s its par for the course. Even with the penis bump and the facial hair these guys look like flat chested girls. Secksi fail

  • ggreen

    @ggreen: Then consider me gone from this site.

  • Devon

    My balls hurt just looking at those things.

  • Scott from CA

    I have a feeling hipsters will flock to these.

  • jeffree

    These Jeggings are going to sell out in every department store in Montana, South Carolina, Utah & the Jersey Shore.
    Okay maybe not.

    How gullible do Versace, Armani & Burberry think we are?

    Really, there’s a reason Gawd separated the ” ‘nads from the noodle.” Pants should respect that !

  • geoffrey

    I don’t know! I saw those on the streets of the east village today and I thought they were cool

  • OrchidIslander

    Old! I must be getting old. looking at those pix, all I could think of was, “Why would anyone do that to men, and the male form?”

  • jimstoic

    If I had the bod, I’d wear them dancing.

  • j

    My little sister has a pair like those, in the top pic. She’s ten.

  • Ken S

    Ugh, frikkin’ fashion kooks. It used to be when I watched Star Trek and saw the ugly-ass ‘civilian’ clothes they wore when they were out of uniform, I thought “why the fuck do they think we’re going to wear that in the future? It looks ugly, uncomfortable and impractical!” But look out, here come the fashion designers, apparently bound and determined to see us all actually wearing silly threads like that someday.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Scott from CA: They’ll just wear them “ironically” because they are incapable of appreciating or enjoying anything without simultaneously mocking it. Why do you think they drink shitty beer fit only for embarrassing brothers of embarrassing ex-Presidents? Because they like it?

  • alan brickman

    if you have the bod you can wear these…no problem with that…

  • Steve

    These look like the long-sleeved version of bikini swimsuits. Supermodels and young people with nice bodies can wear bikinis. Most people don’t look good in them.

    People who have absolutely no business ever wearing a bikini, are the ones who seem to buy them. And, some of those old, fat people actually wear them. That it is hideous, doesn’t seem to matter.

    I expect to see “jeggings” in person, soon. They will probably be on a 240-pound fifty-year-old, who hasn’t been to a gym in twenty years.

  • William

    Motocross gear isn’t exactly high fashion.

  • David K

    Anybody else long for the time when a tight pair of 501s showed off your cock sufficiently and didn’t cost $300 a pop?

  • Who Cares

    I just bought two pairs….pink and lemon green…and I look fabulous

  • thebadpaul

    Logical next progression from skinny jeans. They look great under a pair of shorts. Look at the cool straight boys they have been doing that look for a few years now. What happened I thought gays where supposed to be the trend setters. Come on gays, do some squats and throw them on !!

  • ewe

    I think those pants would look better as shorts.

  • ewe

    And those caps look like someone is trying to save money on materials.

  • ron

    Hideous, just hideous!

  • Michael

    I’m going to rummage Saks and Barneys until i find a pair. I love the ones on top!

  • Whoddafunk?

    I actually really like this style and I hope clothes do change a lot in the future because what we’ve been wearing since 1900 to the present has been the true hideous crap.

  • Briot

    Those guys look sexy!

  • mark

    The problem is, it’simpossible to find the right footwear for these. Imagine wearing sneakers with them. Clunky!

  • L.

    @Michael: We’re guessing you’ve never been to either emporium, then. Because one does *not* “rummage” at Saks or B’s.

    (One enjoys the services of a shopping assistant.)

  • adam

    If you wear them and look like the guys in the first picture, I would not complain.

  • Michael

    @L.: I actually work for Saks jackass. I use the term rummage to be ironic

  • counterpoll

    The moral and ethical question is: Can I wear jeggings to work on “casual Friday”?

  • Evan

    So awful. So, so awful. Why??

    We have jeans. We have go-go shorts. We do not need a mutant hybrid.

  • L.

    @Michael: And I was being ironic as well. Guess both our detectors are in the shop. But happy to see your mouth is still potty.

  • declanto

    @Ashley Sommers: Dear Ashley we all feel so sorry for your poor friends, but PLEASE…how many times do you REALLY need to post this (obsolete) post???!!!

  • counterpoll

    Queerty allows spamolot through, yet sends multiple posts through to “mood-er-ation”? Who’s minding the board these days?

  • david


    Yeah, being the most influential and innovative state that started the organic food movement, American wine revolution, internet revolution, and basically every cultural trend and subculture revolution isn’t really all that cool.

  • Jevon


  • Joe

    If I had a body like that, I’d be wearing those 24/7

  • K P

    I could so see myself wearing those, but would I be bold enough to? IDK. I was extremely insecure when I bought my first pair of tight skinny jeans, but now I strut in them with total confidence, so IDK.

  • Warren

    These men who comment against these pants are brain dead; men should have more ” rights ” wearing pants or more specifically jeans than cross-dressing/ transvestite females ! If men wore/ stole traditional feminine wear big time the last 45 years plus usage of unlimited historical menswear; should anyone complain against females for wearing slender, sexy female wear and call them ” butch ” or bull dyke lesbians if they did and say this sexy feminine style is for macho men ?

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