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Are You Willing To Leave Chris Crocker Alone Yet?

You know Chris Crocker from the “Leave Britney alone” YouTube … incident. But maybe his story is a little more appealing to you in the context of anti-gay bullying, given the haterade poured all over him in the months and years since. Speaking to The Six Pack, Chris tells Ben and Dave about his stunted attempt at L.A. dreams.

[flv: TK 650 400]

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  • ousslander

    who cares

  • AnonAmn

    I totally disregarded this idiot since day one.

    Then he posted some vid about how we shouldn’t be serving in the military because of “The draft”.

    Thats right, he thinks theres a draft and we don’t want to serve.

  • Ogre Magi

    I hate Perez Hilton more than ever now!

  • Adam

    I had to stop listening when he said that bottoms were hitting on his mom at a gay club…

  • Scott

    Hate this guy.

  • kyals84

    I don’t particularly like her either but I would point out it’s kinda a clear fact that she’s a transsexual and thus female pronouns would be more accurate…

  • kyals84

    @kyals84: I completely take back what I said sorry.. in his recent videos he seems to be living as a guy again.. *shrugs* ok then

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