Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Waits Until 11th Hour To Ignite ‘AG Terry Goddard Is a Homo’ Rumors

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, the awful woman, wants to be chief executive again, so she’s running one of those annoying political campaigns that fill up all the commercial time slots usually reserved for mattress salesmen. Running her campaign is Chuck Coughlin, who thought it’d be great fun to post a link on the website of his consulting firm HighGround to a 20-year-old court document that includes rumors Attorney General Terry Goddard, Brewer’s opponent, is a big homogay. Goddard, who is married, said “No,” he is not. As for the link? Coughlin has removed it, and apologized to “some people who were offended by our blog post.” So that should clear things up. Now these are your options: Vote for the dumb lady, or the guy trying to keep Arizona from granting benefits to the partners of gay state employees.