Australia Set To Pass First Same-Sex Marriage Law Next Week

Good news for gays Down Under!

Same-sex couples will likely be able to get married in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) very soon. The ACT Government announced this week that it will pass a bill next Tuesday allowing same-sex marriage at a territory level. (That’s equivalent to the state level in the U.S.)

The Australian Government has threatened to take the territory to the High Court of Australia if the law is passed. They seek to have same-sex marriage declared unconstitutional. But the ACT Government is pressing on anyway.

Marriage equality advocates in Australia have praised the ACT Government for standing firm.

“The ACT is just days away from making history and embracing a reform that has become an aspiration for all Australians that value fairness and equality,” Australian Marriage Equality deputy director and ACT resident Ivan Hinton said in a press release. “We know thousands of same-sex couples from across Australia have indicated their interest in marrying in the ACT and these weddings will begin soon after the bill passes, regardless of any Federal Government intervention.”

Australian Marriage Equality has established an online wedding registry for same-sex couples seeking to marry in the ACT. They hope to have thousands of couples marry before a High Court challenge can be heard.

Sounds like next Tuesday will be an awfully g’day, mates!

Photo Credit: Australian Marriage Equality.