Silverton, Oregon made a bit of history this week by electing the nation’s first trans mayor, Stu Rasmussen. Says Rasmussen of his queer ways: “I identify mostly as a heterosexual male,” Rasmussen said. “But I just like to look like a female. Some guys’ mid-life crisis is motorcycles or sports cars or climbing mountains or trophy wives or whatever. I always wanted cleavage, so I went out and acquired some.” Again, awesome. [KGW]

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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    I’m Awestruck!

  • Tyler

    Now that is the glimmer of hope that we need. I can proudly say that grew up in small town Oregon, and now live in Seattle. I feel like the momentum for a big gay rights push is building here, and maybe with California’s big push, we can get out and fight as a collective, and establish the entire west coast as a queer rights beacon of hope!

  • Distingué Traces

    I don’t know much about internal trans politics. But I know enough to be very surprised that the guy is publicly identifying as an “autogynephile.”

  • Tara - Praenomenal

    Hmmmm the autogynephile angle is a little sticky for me as a Transwoman, but I am all for self labeling, just so long as s/he does not tell me that is the way all TransLesbians are.

  • farmer ted

    I think “freak” would sum it up nicely.

  • Kid A

    Fuck off, Farmer Ted.

  • PJ

    Ms. Rasmussen is an inspiration. You go boy/girl! I genuflect in your general direction.

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