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  • Michael

    OMG somebody call GetEqual/HRC/GLAA/ACLU/Amnesty International.

  • josep86av

    WOW! this is probably the most ridiculous post ever, quit being so delicate, i actually think it’s a clever ad

  • Devon

    That company’s advertisements reek of desperation almost as badly a their customers.

    Personally I’ve never bought an Axe product seeing as it all smells like low-rent cologne diluted with cat pee, so that’s an incredibly simple request to oblige.

  • Pony

    Indeed, one of the greatest trivial stories ever posted. If you can’t report the news, go out there and make some.

  • *Jacob*

    Yeah, makes no sense to me how this is jabbing at Gay men. It’s clearly aimed at Old Spice, and I think it’s a little clever.

    Besides, they said “on a horse” not “under a horse”.

  • Charlie

    oh for crying out loud… with a world filled with anti-pansy advertising THIS is what you think of as an insult to gay folks?

  • Viral

    Doesn’t Axe know, we’d rather save a horse and ride a cowboy anyway… although riding the cowboy while still on the horse is the shiz too

  • EM

    This is not a homophobic ad.

    You have got this all wrong.


    This is akin to 50 Cent supposedly telling gay men to kill themselves, and I hope Axe doesn’t bother to dignify this was a statement, assuring the public that this rhetoric isn’t true. Too often Queerty, and other gay blogs, likes to instigate drama where there is none. All that does is create an annoyance that results in an anti-gay backlash from the observing public, who look at the chatter as a bunch of silly, thin-skinned whining. Stop being so paranoid and reading into things.

  • Traci

    Eh. Axe stinks, anyway, there’s absolutely no scent they have that smells good in any way. So, let them shoot themselves in the foot if they way. I, for one, would have a very grateful nose if men stopped using Axe.

  • BillCooney

    AXE – the High Karate or Jade East of the new millenium. No self-respecting gay man would wear the fragance. It’s the perfume equivalent of a Member’s Only jacket!

  • Zed

    1) clearly a dig at old spice, not homogays

    2) homogays should all have enough taste not to use Axe anyhow

    3) @BillCooney, Member’s Only Jackets are totally awesome, so quit hatin’

  • Brandon H

    Their deoderant is OK. I used to be a big fan of Adidas deoderant, but I cant find it anymore where I live, so their white solid Clix is an OK alternative (not the gel).

    I don’t like Old Spice or many of the other mens deoderant becaue of that weird musky smell they always put in them. This one and adidas doesn’t seem to have it.

    Now the body spray needs to die a horrible horrible death. If you can’t afford a decent cologne then don’t use anything.

  • jason

    It’s a very heteronormative ad, that’s for sure. It’s appealing to lame straight guys who think that wearing a fragrance will make them appealing to women. LOL.

  • AdonisOfFire

    Something like 2 years ago there was an Axe commercial showing some skanky sweety bitch dancing and then says “there’s no such thing as a hot sexy sweaty DUDE”. I took that as homophobic, since yes…there is.

  • Greg

    I think this is actually attacking the Old Spice ads, not homophobic. But i suppose if you didn’t know the Old Spice ads you could read it as homophobic.

  • Jimmy Fury

    They’d have been better off sticking with their existing ads.

    Not because there’s anything wrong with this one, but because the Old Spice Guy is second only to NPH riding a unicorn on the awesome scale.

  • Yuki

    It’s certainly aimed at straight men, but it’s not homophobic; it’s taking a pot-shot at Old Spice’s “I’m on a horse!” commercial.

  • suzygoo

    …does not really FAZE me-stupid editor!

  • dave

    Seriously, who writes your headlines? I wonder how long they had to chew on this one, wondering “hmm, how can I spin a heteronormative but otherwise harmless ad into a big hissy fit about THE MAN oppressing us poor homos?”

    Seriously, stop. It makes us look reactionary and prone to histrionics, which makes it easier for our enemies to dismiss what we say when we actually do have a legitimate beef.

  • drewbrown

    There wasn’t room for “For Men Who Prefer Being on a Woman/Man/FTM/MTF/Intersex” It just didn’t fit.

  • drewbrown

    @AdonisOfFire: That statement (there’s no such thing as a hot, sweaty, sexy DUDE) is not homophobic, just wildly inaccurate.

  • Ealan

    Wow, for a minute I thought there was an actual story here. What a dumb post.

  • GaryG

    It’s the #1 selling men’s deodorant in Canada. I always wondered what that stench was coming from up North…

  • Jeremy

    I used Axe to spray on my carpet. It stinks enough to beat my cat’s pee. So I guess I have to find a new “deodorizer”….

  • Hunter

    Don’t they have Sephora in Canada?

    No self-respecting gay man would wear this vinegar.

  • canuck

    Isn’t part of the transition from the teenage years to young-adulthood realizing that Axe products are garbage?
    And why haven’t you complained about their commercials? They’re just *ahem* heteronormative.

  • peteNsfo

    AXE is part of Gillette…

    Gillette makes a great product and is one of the ‘straightest’ good ‘ol boy, dare I say- homophobic companies (at least the US execs) ever.

    They make money hand over fist… Excel, MACH Razors, Suave products, AXE, etc.

    Great product in a company run by knuckleheads, imho

  • Eric

    Am I really the only one who saw the sarcasm in this story?

  • Ryan

    This is just like the 50 Cent non-controversy, but I do think Queerty was probably kidding.

  • Sabatghzl1098

    Axe has always targeted straight men with “wear our deodorant and women will jump on you” commercials.

    This ad isn’t only non-homophobic, it’s what Axe has been doing for years.

  • Sabatghzl1098

    @peteNsfo: Axe is made by Unilever, not Gillette.

  • Yellow Bone

    Hey Queerty, there’s ACTUAL homophobia that you could be fighting. Not inventing stories. Clearly they’re attacking Old Spice.


  • jon

    OMG 90% of men like WOMEN!!!! SOUND THE ALARM!!!!!!!!!!!! USING SEX TO MARKET WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! queerty please.

  • Ashton C

    I personally love the Chocolate Axe Bodyspray Spray.Slight hint of Cocoa, ambergris and musk. Get’s me laid every single time so stop hating.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Axe is for provincial douchebag breeder boys who call each other “bro” and “dude” and use the word “like” every third word in every sentence. I would sooner dab ammonia behind my ears.

    However, this is not even a tempest in a teapot. It’s not even a tempest in a teaspoon.

    This whole site should be on; if you ever need an example of declining literacy rates in this country, here you go.

  • Jai

    Holy fuck! The whole post was a joke people.

  • drewbrown

    If NO ONE gets the joke, does it actually count as a joke?

  • Sam

    Your joke fails at approaching the awesomeness that is the Old Spice Guy, Axe. They shouldn’t have done this ad, trying and failing to properly mock your rivals ad looks kind of sad.

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