AZ Sheriff Whipping Up Anti-Immigrant Frenzy Had An Undocumented Boyfriend

paul babeuThe latest immigration furor is about unaccompanied children crossing the border from Mexico. The federal government wants to place them in local shelters while they are being processed for returned, but the Tea Party types object because, well, because. Happy to oblige them is Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, AZ, who tipped anti-immigration activists off to the planned arrival of a busload of Mexican kids coming to their community so that they could form a blockade. 

Apparently Babeu’s concern for immigration status ends at the bedroom door. Babeu was accused by a former boyfriend, Jose Orozco, of threatening to reveal the fact that Orozco was undocumented when the couple ended their relationship and to have Orozco deported. An investigation cleared Babeu of the charges, but he was forced to come out and to end his campaign for a U.S. House seat.

The result of Babeu’s effort to align himself to the anti-immigration right resulted in a farce. A busload of children did indeed show up to face the blockade, allowing the protesters an opportunity to wave signs at the bus as it worked its way through the protesters. GOP congressional candidate Adam Kwasman talked about the “fear” he saw on the faces of these poor immigrant children.

Except they were kids on their way to the local YMCA day camp.

The Arizona Republic has dubbed Babeu “Sheriff Showboat.” He’s doing his best to earn the title daily.


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