Banning Gay Marriage is a Step in Fighting … Obesity


Maybe Rhode Island didn’t want to join the rest of New England in legalizing same-sex marriage because residents there are more health conscious than any of their uppity neighbors? Haha, of course that’s not the case — R.I. is just more homophobic!

But should they have given gays the right to one day get divorced, they would’ve introduced homos to the health hazards of marriage. A new study published in Obesity (yes, really) reveals married couples are more likely to become obese within just a few years of their marriage. But what about if you just move in together without the vows? You’re still out of luck: “The study notes that unmarried women who have been living with their sweeties for five years or less run a 63% increased risk of obesity. What about unmarried men? On average, they have no increased risk during cohabitation.” The research backs up a previous study that puts the poundage gained at 6-9 pounds.

What’s to blame? Weight loss regimens to lose pounds before the wedding go to the wayside. Hitting the gym becomes a lesser priority. Gathering around mealtimes is a new focus. And, of course, those vigorous workouts in the bedroom go on the wane after the honeymoon.

The good news? Two gay men are still free to move in with each other with little fear of gaining weight. Just don’t exchange rings.

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  • AlwaysGay

    This study was of heterosexual couples getting married. I think the results would be similar for gay couples though in that lesbian couples would gain a significant amount of weight after cohabitating or marrying while gay couples either stay the same weight or more likely to work out after cohabitating or marrying.

  • Fitz

    SO many factors to work in…
    People also, TEND… to get married at about the same age.. perhaps obesity is about to bloom anyway.

    It’s much easier to stay fit at 20 than 50. TRUST ME.

  • M Shane

    Thanks Queerty for presenting some unbiased info about marriage. Nearly evertyone I’ve seen in a really commited relationship or marriage get to be chubsters nearly overnight. The combination of a disinterested sex life-which invariably happens and little to do but eat in spare time make for a dangerous combination. Usually they become couch potatoes as well, unless they’re speed freaks. I think that if you screw more at 20 than at 50 you may be skinnier. But you can be thin at 50 if you exercise and don’t eat like a porker.

  • galefan2004

    I’m still confused that you state that the state with the biggest obsession with health in the country is the one that is more homophobic. You should see your own irony in that statement. The state itself backs gay marriage. They just have a very bad governor who is very good at keeping his office.

  • galefan2004

    @AlwaysGay: I don’t buy that. I think that the study shows that those that live in the gym just do so to attract a mate. However, when they finally attract that mate they stop caring what they look like. Unless you are trying to claim that gay men are so incredibly shallow that they would bail on someone they loved the second that persons looks started going south.

  • Richard in DC

    What’s remarkably sad is that with this new study, there is now one substantive argument against Marriage Equality.

  • Sobryan

    Must I go through this again????

    *60% support Gay MARRIAGE, 75% support civil unions

    There are several more websites with similar poll results. Please stop mistaking RI as backwards and Homophobic! It is the Gov. and certain house and senate leaders who are fucking everything up!

  • Rowen

    @galefan2004: While I haven’t known anyone who left their boyfriend because he started gaining weight, I’ve known a lot of gay guys who claim that you have to also be physically attracted to someone to love them, and therefore, if their (fictional, usually) boyfriend DID start to gain weight, it would eventually become a big issue, unless it was caught and kept in check.

    As I’ve already stated, they were mostly single. And yes, I do stand by the claim that a large portion of our community is that shallow.

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