Barbra Streisand Returns To Late Night TV After 50-Year Absence To Duet With Jimmy Fallon

The last time Barbra Streisand performed on The Tonight Show John F. Kennedy was the country’s president. She made a long-awaited and much-hyped return to the program to sing a medley from her latest album Partners (out tomorrow, go here for a chance to win an autographed copy). The album features Streisand revisiting many of her classic hits with a number of contemporary vocalists such as Michael Buble and Blake Shelton and through technological magic there’s even a rendition of “Love Me Tender” sung with the late Elvis Presley. Because Streisand is such a rare presence on the talk show circuit, host Jimmy Fallon devoted the entire hour to the superstar entertainer and even joined her for a medley in which the noted impersonator offers his best attempts at Buble, Presley and Shelton.

Watch their duet below.

As fans undoubtedly realize, Barbra prefers her left profile. Here’s a clip of how she managed this feat without having Fallon rearrange his set.

Don’t call her a “diva,” though.

The last-known time Barbra appeared on late night television was a cameo on Saturday Night Live in 1992 during a “Coffee Talk” skit that starred Madonna, Roseanne Barr and Mike Myers. She was like a big stick of buttah then and now.

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  • Cobalt Blue

    Again? Put a sock on her…

  • Alex56

    Amazing show. A true LEGEND. Haters just stop already. Just a great entertainer.

  • RIGay

    LOVE Barbara! But PLEASE, can Jimmy Fallon do ANYTHING without schtick!

  • lykeitiz

    @RIGay: Exactly! I just knew that cheezball was going to sing with her!

    Every time he has a music legend on, he sings with them, and to me it’s cringe-worthy, but the audience goes nuts. I don’t know which one was worse….when Stevie Nicks was there & he dressed up like Tom Petty to do “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”, or when he tried to take himself seriously & sing w/Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band.

    He was so funny on SNL, but he’s just grating & annoying on his show. Granted, I think my opinion is in the minority….

  • lykeitiz

    @lykeitiz: But more importantly……Barbra’s voice still sounds AMAZING!!

  • Vince Smetana

    Babs: Legend.

  • Jonathan26

    It was not good.

  • queertyrone

    @lykeitiz: First, and certainly foremost, I couldn’t agree more. Barbra was – and is ALWAYS – amazing! ;) Haters, be gone. You have no power here. Now, if I may take advantage of an opportunity and stray from topic *ever* so slightly; it might sound awesome, but, for the record*, “more importantly” is grammatically incorrect. It’s a very common mistake, yes, but actually, “more important” is the proper term (if you think of adding a “what’s” in front you can see why). Anyway, just a friendly FYI, my dear Queer peeps, for future postings here and elsewhere. And if you tell two friends, they’ll tell two friends …

    *Extra points for the TRUE Babs lover who gets this reference. ;)

  • lykeitiz

    @queertyrone: I wuznt awhere of that. Thank u 4 the correctness! :-)

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