BBC Defends Gay Kiss

Some Brits are bent out of shape over a gay kiss on popular soap EastEnders.

More than 150 people griped to network BBC after character Christian and his new boyfriend, Lee, locked lips. One person griped: “I am appalled by the display of homosexual kissing…” That’s a lot of emotion for a little smooch…

Though some executives may have quaked in their boots, BBC came out against the outraged masses and released the following statement:

EastEnders aims to reflect real life, and this means including and telling stories about characters from many different backgrounds, faiths, religions and sexualities.

We approach our portrayal of homosexual relationships in the same way as we do heterosexual relationships.

In this instance, Christian is enjoying the first flush of romance and we’ve shown him being affectionate with his new boyfriend in the same way any couple would.